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Dryer v. National Football League

United States District Court, Eighth Circuit

November 1, 2013

John Frederick Dryer, James Lawrence Marshall, Joseph Michael Senser, Elvin Lamont Bethea, Dante Anthony Pastorini, Edward Alvin White, Fred Lee Barnett, Tracy Anthony Simien, Darrell Alexander Thompson, Jim Ray Smith, Irvin Acie Cross, Bruce Allan Laird, Brian Duncan, Reginald Joseph Rucker, Billy Joe Dupree, Mark Gregory Clayton, Preston Pearson, Reginald McKenzie, Joseph Barney Lemuel, Jackie Larue Smith, Paul James Krause, James Nathaniel Brown, and Michael James Haynes, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, Plaintiffs,
National Football League, Defendant.


PAUL A. MAGNUSON, District Judge.

This matter is before the Court on Plaintiffs' Lead Settlement Counsel's Motion for Final Approval of Settlement. For the reasons that follow, the Motion is granted.


In brief, this case involves former professional football players who contend that the NFL is violating their common-law and statutory rights of publicity by using images from their playing days in NFL Films productions. From the beginning, however, Plaintiffs have claimed to have noble motivations that go far beyond the vindication of publicity rights. Indeed, in the first hearing held in this matter in December 2009, Plaintiffs' counsel opened his remarks by stating, "Your Honor, in 2008, in the midst of growing concern and recognition that former NFL players were suffering from dire physical, mental and financial conditions, the United States Congress held hearings to explore the root causes of that problem...." (Hr'g Tr. (Docket No. 31) at 19 (December 16, 2009).)

Those noble motivations have now been trampled by some individual Plaintiffs' baser instincts, namely the lure of what their attorneys promise is lucrative financial payouts from the NFL. Rather than continue to work for the good of the class-a class that includes many former players who could never hope to recoup even pennies from their brief playing days but who may suffer physical and mental injuries from their time in the NFL-these individuals and their attorneys have worked tirelessly to manipulate the opinions of the class and present themselves as championing the side of justice.

Despite those efforts, however, the vast majority of class members see the settlement at issue here for what it is: a boon to those thousands upon thousands of former NFL players who can now reap the collective benefit of a large financial payout to a fund organized solely for their benefit, overseen by their comrades-in-arms. That former players will also finally have an avenue to pursue commercial interests in their own images and in their images as part of their former teams, for the first time in conjunction with the NFL's copyrights and trademarks, is icing on the cake for those players and indeed for all former players. The continued complaints from those opposing the settlement that they are receiving no direct personal benefit therefrom only highlights the extent to which they have strayed from their initial goal of providing for those less fortunate.


This Court granted preliminary approval of the settlement on April 5, 2013. (Docket No. 270.) The preliminary approval Order also conditionally certified a Settlement Class and directed the method and means of notice to the class members. That notice was accomplished as intended, [1] due no small part to the efforts of Plaintiffs' Lead Settlement Counsel, who was forced to contend with the filing of duplicative lawsuits and the dissemination of misleading and sometimes outright false information about the settlement. The opt-out period closed with 2, 073 class members seeking to opt out of the settlement. Thirty-eight additional class members submitted requests for exclusion outside the opt-out period, but despite their untimeliness, the Court has determined that these requests should be granted. One class member inadvertently withdrew his exclusion request; he has been excluded from the class. Finally, 19 class members filed timely objections to the settlement, although seven of these also requested to be excluded from the class and have been excluded. The objections these seven individuals raise do not differ from those submitted by other objectors, and the Court has considered all objections in evaluating the settlement.

After the supplemental notice necessitated by the violation of the preliminary injunction in the preliminary approval Order, 158 class members timely withdrew their requests for exclusion, and six additional class members filed untimely withdrawals of their requests for exclusion. The Court will include all of these individuals, with the exception of the individual who inadvertently withdrew his exclusion request, in the Settlement Class.

A complete list of those excluded from the class is found in Exhibit A to this Order.

A. Evaluation of Settlement Under Rule 23(e)

"Under Rule 23(e), the district court acts as a fiduciary who must serve as a guardian of the rights of absent class members." Grunin v. Int'l House of Pancakes , 513 F.2d 114, 123 (8th Cir. 1975). The Court must evaluate whether the proponents of the settlement have shown it to "be fair, reasonable, and adequate." Id . In this case, the Court's role as guardian of the rights of absent class members is especially important, given the rhetoric and conflict among the members of the Settlement Class, who in the usual case would be zealously protecting those rights.

The Court analyzes "four factors in determining whether a settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate: (1) the merits of the plaintiff's case, weighed against the terms of the settlement; (2) the defendant's financial condition; (3) the complexity and expense of further litigation; and (4) the amount of opposition to the settlement." In re Wireless Tel. Fed. Cost Recovery Fees Litig. , 396 F.3d 922, 932 (8th Cir. 2005). "The single most important factor in determining whether a settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate is a balancing of the strength of the plaintiff's case against the terms of the settlement." Van Horn v. Trickey , 840 F.2d 604, 607 (8th Cir. 1988). The Court will address the four factors in reverse order.

1. Opposition to the Settlement

Although the objections have been especially vociferous in this matter, only one-tenth of one percent of the class objected, and less than ten percent of the class has requested exclusion from the settlement. This is far less than other settlements found to be fair, reasonable, and adequate. See, e.g., Van Horn , 840 F.2d at 606 (affirming district court's approval of settlement despite that 180 of 400 class members, or 45%, sought exclusion).

More importantly, the objections raised here are without merit. Nearly all of the objections boil down to what is, in the Court's view, the objectors' very mistaken belief that they could reap significant financial benefits from continuing this case. The objectors maintain that a settlement that does not include direct financial benefit to the class is impermissible. They are wrong.

As discussed more fully below with respect to the strength-of-case factor, the chances that this lawsuit-or indeed any class-action lawsuit seeking to recoup sums for the alleged infringement of former NFL players' publicity rights by NFL Films-will succeed are slim at best. Too many obstacles stand in the way of that success. But the objectors want a financial payout more than they want to embrace the reality of the limitations of their claims. Fortunately for the absent class members, experienced counsel and a knowledgeable and extremely capable Magistrate Judge saw the case for what it was, and negotiated a settlement that is truly one-of-a-kind, and a remarkable victory for the class as a whole.

Objectors also contend that settlement should not be approved because the Common Good Fund will dissolve in ten years, noting that the Settlement Agreement provides that any unspent funds contributed by the NFL will at that time revert to the NFL. First, there is no indication that the Common Good Fund will dissolve in ten years' time. Rather, the Fund will continue to operate with the interest from the NFL's disbursements and the revenue from the Licensing Agency. And the fact that the Settlement Agreement requires the Common Good Fund to disburse all NFL contributions within ten years is not nefarious in the least. That requirement merely ensures that the Fund uses the money and does not merely hold the money for unspecified future uses. Moreover, if there is money left from the NFL's contributions at the end of the ten-year period, that money does not merely revert back to the NFL. The NFL must use the money for Fund Charitable Uses, as defined in the Settlement Agreement.

Because this settlement is unique, there is little precedent on which either side can rely for their arguments. The settlement is not a cy pres distribution, as some objectors claim, but it is also not the usual resolution of class claims. But this is not a "usual" case. This is a case involving a large, diffuse class of individuals with very different potential damages and very different present-day needs. The settlement is the best solution for the difficulties of this class and these claims. The objections are therefore overruled, and the amount-of-objections factor weighs in favor of the settlement.

2. Complexity and Expense of Further Litigation

There is no doubt that further litigation in this matter would be both complex and extraordinarily expensive. As an initial matter, the settlement provides that the NFL can deduct up to $13.5 million from its Common Good Fund contribution to pay for expenses related to opt-out claims. If $13.5 million is necessary for the NFL to litigate a small portion of the class's claims, then the funds necessary to litigate this large class action to a conclusion are far greater.

Further litigation would also be complex. Discovery has not yet been fully accomplished, and will be a time-consuming process, necessitating inquiries into such issues as the content of the retired player's contract(s), whether that player ever appeared in an NFL Films production, and the extent of any appearance. Further litigation will require a choiceof-law analysis, discussed in more detail below, that must evaluate the claims of a nationwide class asserting personal rights. The class certification process would undoubtedly be hardfought and would also require a detailed analysis of the claims of the class members. Plaintiffs' claims themselves are complex because they involve not just claims of injury but also implicate constitutional principles. And finally, determining damages in this case would require individual inquiries that are exceedingly time-consuming and complex. This factor weighs in favor of the settlement.

3. Defendant's Financial Condition

As noted in the preliminary approval Order, there is no issue with the NFL's financial condition. The NFL is fully able to pay what it has committed to pay; it is also fully able to continue to litigate this matter vigorously and defend itself against the class's claims should it be necessary to do so. This factor is neutral in the Court's analysis.

Some of the objectors contend that the Court has insufficient information about the NFL's finances to fully evaluate the settlement. But the NFL did submit information to Plaintiffs and to Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan about its finances during the course of settlement negotiations. Indeed, Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan required the NFL to submit sufficient information to allow Plaintiffs to evaluate settlement options. The fact that he did not admonish or sanction the NFL for any failure to comply with this requirement indicates that the NFL fully complied with it. Objectors complain that the information submitted was not filed with the Court. The information the NFL submitted, however, was submitted according to Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan's protective orders in the case, which precluded such documents from being filed or even discussed publicly. Such an order was necessary to ensure that all parties engaged in full and frank settlement discussions, discussions that bore the fruit of this settlement.

When information is submitted to Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan, it is submitted to this Court. There can be no doubt that the NFL submitted sufficient information to allow the Court to guide settlement negotiations and to evaluate the eventual settlement of this matter. Without such information, Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan and the parties would not have been able to fashion a settlement. Thus, the objectors' contentions on this point are not welltaken.

4. Merits of Plaintiffs' Case vs. Terms of Settlement

This factor is, as noted above, the most important factor when analyzing the fairness, reasonableness, and adequacy of a class-action settlement. In this case, there is no question that the factor weighs heavily in favor of the settlement.

The preliminary approval Order listed two of the many difficulties with the merits of Plaintiffs' case: statute of limitations issues and class-certification issues. These issues are substantial, but there are many other substantial issues with the ultimate success of Plaintiffs' claims here.

a. Statute of limitations

The statute of limitations would bar the claims of many members of the Plaintiff class. At its longest, the statute of limitations is six years, and thus no Plaintiff is entitled to compensation for any unauthorized use of his image before 2003. It is probable that the majority of class members' images have not been used in NFL Films at all since 2003, if they were ever used. The statute of limitations means that class members' claims, if any, are likely severely limited in value.

b. Choice-of-law analysis

The Court has repeatedly warned Plaintiffs that ultimate class certification is highly problematic, if not unlikely. This is so for several reasons. First, it is likely that each Plaintiff's claim will be governed by the law of the state in which that Plaintiff resides, or the home state of the Plaintiff's former team. Objecting Plaintiffs insist that the law of New Jersey will govern, but the Amended Complaint raises the law of more than 20 states, and objecting Plaintiffs offer nothing more than conclusory arguments for their contention that New Jersey's law will apply.

To determine what state's or states' laws should apply to Plaintiffs' claims, the Court must first evaluate whether there is a conflict among the states' laws that are potentially applicable to the claims. Those laws potentially applicable here would include the laws of the states in which each Plaintiff played football, the laws applicable to each Plaintiff's contract(s) with his team(s), the laws of the states in which Plaintiffs now reside, and the law of the NFL's home state and NFL Films's home state. Some of these states have statutes setting forth the parameters of rights of publicity. See, e.g., Cal. Civ. Code § 3344; Fla. Stat. § 540.08. Others rely on their common law to establish such rights. See Ventura v. Titan Sports, Inc. , 65 F.3d 725, 730 (8th Cir. 1995) ("We believe that the Minnesota Supreme Court would recognize the tort of violation of publicity rights."). And still others do not recognize such rights at all. See ETW Corp. v. Jireh Publ'g, Inc. , 332 F.3d 915, 928 n.13 (6th Cir. 2003) (noting that "[a]pproximately half of the states have adopted some form of the right of publicity, either at common law or by statute"). The chance of a conflict between the various applicable state laws is thus very high.

Because there is a conflict in the potentially applicable laws, the Court must then determine which state's law to apply. But the right of publicity is treated in some jurisdictions as a property right and in others as a tort, and thus the choice-of-law analysis is even more complicated. See Allison v. Vintage Sports Plaques , 136 F.3d 1443, 1446 n.6 (11th Cir. 1998) (because some states treat publicity rights as property, courts use choice-oflaw rules applicable to personal property, not torts). For example, because California treats the right of publicity as a property right, if the player played in California or signed contracts specifying the application of California law, California law requires that the dispute be governed by the law where the player is domiciled. See Cal. Civ. Code § 946 (disputes involving personal property are governed by the law of the domicile of the owner of the property right).

Minnesota treats the violation of the right of publicity as a tort, however, and the Minnesota choice-of-law analysis involves consideration of five factors: (1) predictability of result, (2) maintenance of interstate order, (3) simplification of the judicial task, (4) advancement of the forum's governmental interests, and (5) application of the better rule of law. Milkovich v. Saari , 203 N.W.2d 408, 412 (Minn. 1973). The Court must apply these five factors "with respect to each plaintiff class member" before determining which state's law applies. In re St. Jude Med., Inc. , 425 F.3d 1116, 1120 (8th Cir. 2005); see also Phillips Petroleum Co. v. Shutts , 472 U.S. 797, 822-23 (1985) (holding that individualized choice-oflaw analysis must be applied to each plaintiff's claim in a class action). Given that the class is composed of nearly 25, 000 individuals, the choice-of-law inquiry is extremely complex and weighs heavily against ultimate certification of the class.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has directed courts to consider the predictability of the results factor in order to "fulfill the parties' justified expectations." Jepson v. Gen. Cas. Co. of Wis. , 513 N.W.2d 467, 470 (Minn. 1994). To evaluate this factor in the context of this case, the Court must evaluate each Plaintiff's and the NFL's expectations about what law might apply to a publicity-rights claim. Where Plaintiffs played in various locations, for teams located throughout the United States, it is likely that they would have expected that the vindication of their publicity rights would be subject to the law where their team was located or where they themselves lived. Thus, the predictability-of-results factor would favor the law of the many different states in which Plaintiffs played and lived.

Similarly, the interstate-order factor favors the application of the law of states closely connected to Plaintiffs, such as the home state of their team(s) or their own homes. This factor requires that the state whose laws are applied have sufficient contacts with the facts in issue. The right of publicity is a personal right, protecting "the ability of public personae to control the types of publicity that they receive." Ventura , 65 F.3d at 730. Thus, the laws of the states in which Plaintiffs lived and played have more than sufficient contacts with the facts. The home state of NFL Films also has sufficient contacts with the facts at issue, but at best this factor is neutral in the choice-of-law analysis.

In the usual case, the simplification-of-judicial-task factor is neutral in the Court's choice-of-law analysis. Here, however, where it is possible that the law of many different states may apply to Plaintiffs' claims, this factor highlights the unmanageability of the class action apparatus in the instant situation.

Minnesota has very little governmental interest in vindicating the publicity rights of non-residents or Plaintiffs who did not play football for a Minnesota team. However, the Court must consider not only Minnesota's interest, but also the public policy interest of all of the other states whose laws might potentially apply. See Lommen v. East Grand Forks , 522 N.W.2d 148, 152 (Minn.Ct.App. 1994) (governmental interest factor implicates "the relative policy interests of the [] states" whose laws conflict). Other states undoubtedly have different policy interests in protecting or not protecting public figures' publicity rights. This is evident from the fact that some states recognize such rights and others do not. On this preliminary record, the Court cannot say definitively that this factor weighs against the application of a single state's law to Plaintiffs' claims. However, given the very different treatment of publicity rights under state laws, it is more likely than not that the relative policy interests will require the application of laws other than New Jersey's.

Finally, the better-choice-of-law factor applies only if the first four factors do not resolve the choice-of-law question. Myers v. Gov't Employees Ins. Co. , 225 N.W.2d 238, 244 (Minn. 1974). Because the first three factors likely weigh in favor of the application of different states' laws to Plaintiffs' claims, discussion of which states' law is "best" is not necessary.

The choice-of-law analysis in this case is exceedingly complex. Even if it were simple, however, the fact remains that it is likely that the law of many different jurisdictions will apply to Plaintiffs' claims. This makes the manageability of a class action highly problematic.

c. Damages

Next, each Plaintiff is entitled to claim very different damages. Plaintiff Fred Dryer, for example, was featured in at least one NFL Films' production, and assuming that he had no contract with the NFL regarding this production and that his claims are not barred by the relevant statute of limitations, his damages could be relatively substantial. A member of the defensive squad for the 1986 Super Bowl runner-up New England Patriots, however, might appear briefly in a documentary about the Super-Bowl-winning Chicago Bears, but that image would be fleeting and entitled to little, if any, compensation.

d. Other considerations

Finally, there are likely to be significant differences in the way each Plaintiff's contract or contracts with his team(s) dealt with publicity rights. The law regarding rights of publicity has evolved substantially in the decades since the formation of the NFL, and each former player's contract must be examined to determine whether such rights are covered by the terms of the contract as well as the extent and duration of such coverage.

There are more fundamental difficulties with Plaintiffs' claims, however. Plaintiffs played a team sport, where at any given time there are 22 men on the field of play. Any image from a game would almost by necessity include more than one individual and often includes many individuals. The apportionment of publicity-rights damages among the individuals featured-whether players, coaches, sideline workers, officials, cheerleaders, or others-is a Herculean task.

Each individual appearing in a game clip has publicity rights in his or her image. But the value of those rights must be divided among all those appearing in some way. Would a court apportion more value to a team's quarterback, because he stands above the line of scrimmage and is more visible in any game clip? Or perhaps a player with a distinctive hairdo, such as current Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu, deserves more compensation because his image is readily identifiable? Magnify these individual issues times 53 players on each of 32 teams' active rosters each year, and it is easy to see that determining damages on either an individual or a class-wide basis would be nearly impossible.[2] Indeed, counsel for some objectors seemed to concede as much when he argued that there is no easy model to value the publicity rights in this case because "[f]ootball is a team sport." (Hrg. Tr. at 33.) This statement pinpoints the myriad difficulties with Plaintiffs' case here.

e. Benefits of settlement

On the other hand, as discussed preliminarily above, the benefits of the settlement are numerous and far-reaching. Not only does the settlement benefit most those for whom this litigation was ostensibly brought, but it benefits all class members, not just those who are well-known or whose publicity rights are the most valuable. Yet it benefits these well-known class members as well by providing an avenue, through the Licensing Agency, for class members to receive payments directly commensurate with the value of their publicity rights. For the first time, entities will be allowed to license individual players' publicity rights, or the rights of groups of players, in conjunction with the NFL's copyrights and trademarks. Seventy-five percent of the fees generated from such licenses will be paid directly to the players whose publicity rights are licensed, thus providing a direct benefit closely aligned with the value of that players' claims here. Twenty-five percent of the fees will be paid to the Common Good Fund for the benefit of the class as a whole. The objection that the settlement offers no economic value to the class or to individual class members is therefore patently false. Finally, should the Licensing Agency be unable to market individual and group publicity rights because of lack of market demand, then it is clear that the class did not truly suffer the damages alleged in this case.

Further, counsel's implication at the hearing that the value of the right the Settlement Class is giving up is equal to the total market value of NFL Films is preposterous. As counsel well knows, the value of NFL Films it is not equivalent to the sum total of the value of the publicity rights of the players featured in all NFL Films' productions. Much more goes into an NFL Films production than mere editing of game film, and all of those diverse aspects of the production have value. Plaintiffs' claims are worth significantly less than the total value of NFL Films, for all the reasons discussed above. Counsel's insistence that further discovery is necessary also ignores the fact that Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan was satisfied that the damages discovery produced was sufficient to allow Plaintiffs to make educated settlement demands and to settle the case on reasonable and just terms. Merely because some objectors' counsel would like more information does not render the information produced incapable of allowing for a fair and reasonable settlement.

The objectors also overlook the substantial payment the NFL is making to the Common Good Fund. This Fund will provide substantial benefits to the class as a whole. The Fund is overseen by a Board made up of class members (see Docket No. 270 at 19-20), and will disburse the funds in accordance with the Fund Charitable Uses set forth in the Settlement Agreement. These Uses are directly beneficial to class members.

Both the Licensing Agency and the Common Good Entity are independent of the NFL, the players' union, and any other organization that currently exists to act on behalf of retired players. This autonomy will protect the rights and interests of all class members, and will allow the Board of the Common Good Fund to determine where the gaps are in the benefits that currently exist for retired players. In short, the settlement provides benefits to the class far beyond direct economic benefits arising out of the alleged infringement of players' publicity rights, which for the vast majority of class members could be meager, at best.

B. Settlement Class

To effectuate the Settlement, the Court conditionally certified the following Settlement Class:

All individuals who, prior to or as of the date of this Order, were or are on the roster of any Member Club and who, as of the date of this Order, (a) have retired, formally or informally, from playing professional football with the NFL or any Member Club, or (b) were formerly on any roster of any Member Club and are no longer under contract to a Member Club and are not seeking active employment as an NFL player with any Member Club (collectively, "Retired Players"); and for Retired Players who are deceased, all of their respective heirs, executors, administrators, beneficiaries, successors, and assigns who own or control their Publicity Rights.

For purposes of settlement, the Court finds that the requirements of Rule 23 have been satisfied with respect to this class.[3] Specifically, the Court finds that, for the purposes of effectuating the settlement, the class is so numerous that joinder is impracticable, there are questions of law and fact common to the class, the class representatives' claims are typical of the claims of the class, counsel has fairly and adequately represented the class, common questions predominate over individual questions, and a class action is the superior method of resolving this case.[4] See Fed.R.Civ.P. 23(a) and (b)(3). The Court therefore finally certifies this class for purposes of settlement.

For the purposes of settlement, and according to Rule 23(g), the Court confirms the appointment Daniel E. Gustafson of the law firm Gustafson Gluek PLLC as Plaintiffs' Lead Settlement Counsel for the Settlement Class. Mr. Gustafson has performed admirably in this case, he is experienced in class actions and complex litigation, and he is more than familiar with the claims and the law applicable to this case. As noted, he has effectively consulted with other counsel in the matter and has the resources to commit to the representation of the Settlement Class members. As Plaintiffs' Lead Settlement Counsel, Mr. Gustafson shall continue to represent the Settlement Class in any further proceedings in this Court.

C. Attorney's Fees, Expenses, and Service Awards

The Court refers the Motions for Attorney's Fees and the issue of class representative awards to Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur J. Boylan pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 636(b)(1)(A).

D. Preliminary Injunction

Plaintiffs' Lead Settlement Counsel has requested that the Court extend the preliminary approval Order's injunction against duplicative litigation until final judgment, including the expiration of the time to appeal or the exhaustion of all appeals, is entered in this case. However, should an appeal be taken from this Order, the Court of Appeals should have the opportunity to determine whether an injunction is necessary during the pendency of an appeal. The Court declines the request to extend the injunction through the pendency of any appeals. Rather, the injunction will expire 30 days after the time for taking an appeal has run, or 30 days after the matter is appealed, whichever occurs first.

E. Release of Claims

All Class Members (except those excluded from the Settlement Class) have fully, finally, and forever released the following Claims

1. All Claims arising out of or related in any way to any use of Publicity Rights by the NFL Parties at any time up to and including the date of this Final Approval Order including, without limitation, all uses in any geographic location, in any media or format (including, but not limited to, analog, digital or other media or formats, including, but not limited to, print, tape, disc, computer file, radio, television, motion pictures, other audio-visual and audio works, Internet, broadband platforms, mobile platforms, applications, and other distribution platforms), and in any type of use whatsoever.
2. All Claims arising out of or related in any way to any uses of Publicity Rights by the Released Parties before or after the date of this Final Approval Order, at any time in perpetuity, in any geographic location, in any media or format (whether now known or hereinafter developed), that publicize, promote, market, or advertise the NFL, any Member Clubs, the sport of NFL football, or any NFL football game. Without limiting the foregoing, the release in this section covers all of the following uses of Publicity Rights: (a) by any NFL Party in films, audiovisual works, photographs, images, depictions, or any other media or format; (b) by any Released Party to publicize or promote NFL football games, ticket sales, or the brands of any NFL Parties; (c) by any Released Party in NFL game broadcasts and telecasts; (d) by any released Party in programming relating to the NFL, one or more Member Clubs, and/or their games and events (e.g., coaches' shows, highlight-based shows such as Inside the NFL, or behind-the-scenes programming such as Hard Knocks); and (e) by any Released Party in other NFL-related media offerings (e.g., branded content segments featuring NFL Game Footage and other programming enhancements), NFL media distribution platforms (e.g.,, NFL Mobile, NFL Network), official events (e.g., NFL Kickoff, NFL Draft), officially sanctioned awards programs (e.g., Rookie of the Year), or public service or community oriented initiatives (e.g., Play60); provided, however, that the release in this section does not include any use of Publicity Rights in a manner that constitutes an "endorsement" by a Class Member of a non-NFL Party brand, product, or service; provided, further, that a use by a non-NFL Party of NFL Game Footage, including in advertising and promotional materials, that is authorized by an NFL Party and that does not unduly focus on, feature, or highlight, a NFL Player in a manner that leads the reasonable consumer to believe that the NFL Player is a spokesperson for, or promoter of, the non-NFL Party's brand, product, or service, is not an "endorsement." Nothing in this section will be construed to release any Claims with respect to any uses of Publicity Rights after the Effective Date in "consumer products, " in any media or format, including digital or electronic media (e.g., video games, trading cards and apparel); provided, however, that "consumer products" does not include media or programming uses (as set forth in clauses (a) through (e) above (other than "endorsements")).

F. Terms of Settlement

The Settlement Agreement provides that Class Members (except those excluded from the Settlement Class):

1. covenant and agree that none of them, and no person authorized to act on behalf of any of them, will commence, authorize, support (financially, or through testimony, or by any other means), or accept any benefit from any judicial or administrative action or proceeding, whether now pending or hereafter commenced, against any of the Released Parties with respect to any of the Released Claims;
2. waive and disclaim any right to any form of recovery, compensation, or other remedy in any such action or proceeding brought by or on behalf of any of them with respect to any of the Released Claims;
3. agree that the Settlement Agreement will be a complete bar to any action described in this Paragraph 17; and
4. covenant and agree that none of them, and no person authorized to act on behalf of any of them, will hereafter contest in any forum or venue the exclusive rights of any of the NFL Parties to (a) telecast, broadcast, or otherwise distribute, transmit, or perform, on a live, delayed, or archived basis, in any and all media or formats now known or hereafter developed, any NFL Game Footage or (b) produce, license, offer for sale, sell, market, or otherwise distribute or perform (or authorize a third party to do any of the foregoing), on a live, delayed, or archived basis, any NFL Game Footage, in any and all media or formats now known or hereafter developed, including, but not limited to, packaged or other electronic or digital media. The covenant in this Paragraph 17.d does not authorize any use of Publicity Rights in a manner that constitutes an "endorsement" by any Class Member of a non-NFL Party brand, product, or service, as "endorsement" is defined in Paragraph 16.b.

This final approval Order, the Settlement Agreement, and the documents relating thereto, are not, and should not in any event, be (a) construed, deemed, offered or received as evidence of a presumption, concession or admission on the part of any of the Settling Plaintiffs, Defendant, any member of the Settlement Class or any other person; or (b) offered or received as evidence of a presumption, concession or admission by any person of any liability, fault, wrongdoing or other dereliction of duty for any purpose in any judicial or administrative action or proceeding, whether in law or in equity.

If for any reason the judgment does not become final in this action, Defendant's conditional withdrawal of its objections to the certification of a Settlement Class will be null and void in its entirety; this final approval Order will be vacated; all Plaintiffs and Defendant will return to their respective positions in this Action as those positions existed immediately before the execution of the Settlement Agreement; and nothing stated in the Settlement Agreement or in this final approval Order will be deemed an admission or waiver of any kind by any Plaintiff or Defendant or used as evidence against, or over the objection of, any Plaintiff or Defendant for any purpose in this Action or in any other action or proceeding of any kind.

The parties to the Settlement Agreement, and their agents, employees, and attorneys, will not be liable for anything done or omitted in connection with these proceedings, the entry of this final judgment, or the administration of the Settlement Fund, except for their own willful misconduct.

G. Remaining Plaintiffs

Finally, three of the named Plaintiffs in this case have chosen to opt out of the settlement: John Frederick Dryer, Elvin Lamont Bethea, and Edward Alvin White. Their claims will therefore continue on an expedited basis and they shall appear before Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan within 30 days of the date of this Order for a pretrial conference. The Court anticipates that Chief Magistrate Judge Boylan will set a short timeline for any additional discovery and dispositive motions, and that trial of the matter can be accomplished in the first half of 2014.


The settlement in this matter is fair, reasonable, and adequate. Accordingly, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that:

1. Plaintiffs' Motion for Final Approval (Docket No. 405) is GRANTED as fully set forth above;
2. The objections to the settlement are hereby overruled;
3. The Settlement Class is finally certified as set forth above;
4. The individuals listed in Exhibit A to this Order are excluded from the Settlement Class;
5. On the effective date, as defined in the Settlement Agreement, Defendant will provide the relief to the class members in the manner and at the times provided for in the Settlement Agreement;
6. Defendant must deposit $7, 550, 000 into the Settlement Escrow Account within 10 business days of the effective date, as defined in the Settlement Agreement, to be used to (1) pay awards of attorney's fees and expenses to be determined, (2) pay service awards to certain Settling Plaintiffs to be determined, and (3) to establish and for initial operating expenses of the Licensing Agency. After 24 months, all money remaining in the Settlement Escrow Account shall be transferred to the Common Good Fund;
7. The preliminary injunction in the Preliminary Approval Order shall expire 30 days after the time for taking an appeal has run, or 30 days after an appeal is taken, whichever occurs earlier;
8. Judgment is hereby entered DISMISSING with prejudice, on the merits, and without taxation of costs in favor of or against any party, all claims that were or could have been asserted herein by all class members except those excluded from the class. The Court retains jurisdiction for all purposes over all individual claims filed by those named Plaintiffs in this action who are excluded from the Settlement Class;
9. The Motions for Attorney's Fees (Docket Nos. 278, 280, 282, 285, 287, 289, 291), Plaintiffs' Lead Settlement Counsel's reports on the same, and Plaintiffs' Lead Settlement Counsel's recommendations for class representative awards are hereby REFERRED to Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur J. Boylan pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 636(b)(1)(A);
10. The individual named Plaintiffs who have been excluded from the Settlement Class shall appear for a pretrial scheduling conference before Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur J. Boylan within 30 days of the date of this Order, and can anticipate shortened deadlines for discovery and motion practice, and a trial date in the first half of 2014; and
11. There being no just reason for delay, the Clerk shall enter final judgment under Fed.R.Civ.P. 54 in accordance with the terms of this Order.



No. Retired Player Retired Player Representative 1 Abrams, Bobby E. 2 Acks, Ronald William 3 Adamle, Michael David 4 Adams, Keith A 5 Adams, Stefon L. 6 Ahanotu, Chidi 7 Ahrens, David Iver 8 Akbar, Hakim 9 Alabi, Anthony 10 Albrecht, Theodore Carl 11 Albritton, Vince 12 Alderman, Grady 13 Ale, Arnold 14 Alexander, Charles Fred (Jr.) 15 Alford, Michael Deal (Mike) 16 Allen, James 17 Alston, Mack 18 Alt, John Michael 19 Ambrose, Richard 20 Amsler, Charles Martin (Marty) 21 Andersen, Morten 22 Anderson, Alfred Anthony 23 Anderson, Courtney Jerome 24 Anderson, Deon Terry 25 Anderson, Eddie (Jr.) 26 Anderson, Fredell Lamont (Fred) 27 Anderson, Gary Allan 28 Anderson, Gary Wayne 29 Anderson, Kim

30 Anderson, Lawrence Andrew 31 Anderson, Marcus James 32 Andrews, Shawn 33 Andrews, Stacy Dewayne 34 Andrews, William D. 35 Andrews, William L. 36 Anthony, Charles Raymond 37 Arbanas, Frederick Vincent 38 Arndt, Richard Lee (Dick) 39 Arneson, James Arnold (Jim) 40 Arnett, Jon Dwane 41 Arnold, Jahine Amid 42 Arnold, James Edward 43 Arthur, Michael Scott 44 Aska, Joseph P. (Joe) 45 Atkinson, George Henry (Butch) 46 August, Steve Paul 47 Augustyniak, Michael Eugene (Mike) 48 Austin, Ocie Moore 49 Averno, Margaret E (Sisto) 50 Awalt, Robert 51 Awasom, Adrian 52 Aydelette, William Leslie (Buddy) 53 Ayi, Bamikole Richard (Kole) 54 Baack, Steven William (Steve) 55 Baber, William Franklin (Billy/Bill) 56 Babich, Robert 57 Babinecz, John Michael 58 Bailey, Aaron Duane 59 Bailey, Edwin Raymond 60 Bailey, Elmer Francis

61 Bailey, Harold Craig 62 Bailey, James Randall 63 Bailey, Stacey 64 Bailey, Thomas James Jr. 65 Bailey, Victor Lamont 66 Bain, William E. 67 Baker, James Albert London (Al) 68 Baker, Jeffrey S. 69 Baker, Ralph Robert 70 Baldassin, Michael Robert (Mike) 71 Baldinger, Brian 72 Baldinger, Gary Thomas 73 Baldinger, Richard L 74 Baldwin, Lester 75 Ballard, Howard Louis (The House) 76 Banks, Estes Mcleod 77 Banks, Frederick R. 78 Banks, Michael A. (Mike) 79 Banks, Tony 80 Bankston, Michael K. 81 Bankston, Warren 82 Barber, Michael Dwayne 83 Barber, Steven William "Shawn" 84 Barker, Bryan Christopher 85 Barker, Roy 86 Barkum, Jerome Phillip 87 Barlow, Corey Antonio 88 Barlow, Kevan C 89 Barlow, Reggie 90 Barnes, Ernest "Ernie" Eugene, Jr. Barnes, Bernadine 91 Barnes, Gary Marshall

92 Barnes, Patrick 93 Barnes, Rodrigo Detriana 94 Barnes, William Ray ("Billy Ray") 95 Barnett, William Perry 96 Barney, Lemuel ("Lem") 97 Barnhardt, Tommy Ray 98 Barrett, Jean Martin (Jr.) 99 Bartee, William 100 Bartkowski, Steven 101 Baschnagel, Brian Dale 102 Basnight, Michael 103 Bass, Anthony Emmanole 104 Bass, Michael Thomas 105 Bates, Michael Dion 106 Bates, Patrick James 107 Batiste, Michael Sean 108 Batteaux, Patrick 109 Battles, Ainsley Thomas (Tom) 110 Baty, Gregory James 111 Baugh, Thomas Anthony 112 Baughan, Maxie Calloway (Jr.) 113 Baumgartner, Steven John 114 Baylor, Timothy O. (Tim) 115 Beamon, Autry (Jr.) 116 Beard, Edward Leroy 117 Beasley, John Walter 118 Beaudoin, Douglas L. 119 Beavers, Aubrey Tod 120 Bebout, Nick 121 Beckett, Rogers 122 Beer, Thomas

123 Beier, Thomas Eugene (Tom) 124 Beisel, Monty Gene 125 Bell, Bobby Lee (Sr) 126 Bell, Gerard Alfred 127 Bell, Grantis 128 Bell, Gregory Leon 129 Bell, H. Nickolas (Nick) 130 Bell, Kendrell Alexander 131 Bell, Robert Francis 132 Belser, Ceasar Edward 133 Belton, Horace J. 134 Bemiller, Albert Delane 135 Benirschke, Rolf 136 Bennett, Ben 137 Bennett, Tommy 138 Benson, Mitchell Oswell 139 Bentley, Albert 140 Berger, Mitch Shannon 141 Berry, Gary John (II) 142 Berry, Raymond Emmett 143 Berry, Reginald Dennis (Reggie) 144 Berry, Robert Chadwick ("Bob") 145 Berton, Sean 146 Bess, Rufus 147 Bessillieu, Donald 148 Betterson, James Thomas 149 Beverly, Eric Raymonde 150 Bidwell, Joshua John 151 Biedermann, Leo George 152 Biekert, Greg 153 Bielski, Richard Adam

154 Biggers, Keith 155 Bingham, Craig Marlon 156 Bingham, Gregory Raleigh 157 Bingham, Ryon 158 Bird, Cory James 159 Biscaha, Joseph Daniel (Joe) 160 Bishop, Erwin Wilfred (Sonny) 161 Blackshear, Jeff 162 Blackwell, Will 163 Blackwood, Glenn 164 Blackwood, Lyle Vernon (Jr.) 165 Blades, Horatio (Bennie) 166 Blades, Horatio Benedict (H.B.) 167 Blair, Michael Angelo Christopher 168 Blair, Paul Kevin 169 Bland, Carl Nathaniel 170 Blaylock, Anthony Darius 171 Blye, Ronald Jerry (Ronnie) 172 Bober, Chris 173 Bobo, Phillip 174 Boddie, Dominic Leanthony (Tony) 175 Bolton, Ronald Clifton 176 Bolzan, Scott 177 Bonness, Richard Kyes (Rik) 178 Booty, John 179 Boryla, Michael J 180 Bostic, Joe Earl (Jr.) 181 Bostic, Keith 182 Boudreaux, James Lee (Jim) 183 Bouie, Tony 184 Bouman, Todd

185 Bowden, James 186 Bowman, James Edwin 187 Bowser, Charles Emanuel 188 Boyd, Brent Varner 189 Boyette, Garland 190 Braase, Ordell Wayne 191 Bracelin, Gregory Lee 192 Bradford, Vincent 193 Bradley, Henry Averson 194 Bradshaw, Morris (Jr.) 195 Brady, Kyle 196 Brady, Rickey Lee, Jr. 197 Bragg, Michael Edward 198 Braggs, Stephen 199 Brandes, John Wesley 200 Brandon, David 201 Brandon, Samuel Terrill 202 Brannan, Solomon Embra (Jr.) 203 Brantley, John Phillip (Jr.) 204 Brazile, Robert Lorenzo (Jr.) 205 Breech, James Thomas 206 Brewer, Christopher (Chris) 207 Brewer, Christopher J. (C.J.) 208 Brewer, Sean E. 209 Brezina, Gregory 210 Brigham, Marques 211 Bright, Leon (Jr.) 212 Brightful, Lamont Eugene 213 Brister, Walter Andrew (III) (Bubby) 214 Britt, James E 215 Broady, Timothy W.

216 Brock, Ralph Dieter (Dieter) 217 Brockington, John 218 Bromell, Lorenzo 219 Brooks, Barrett 220 Brooks, Kevin Craig 221 Broughton, Willie Lee 222 Brown, Aaron 223 Brown, Anthony Q. 224 Brown, Cedric W 225 Brown, Clifford 226 Brown, Gregory Lee 227 Brown, Guy (III) 228 Brown, James H. (Jr.) 229 Brown, James Harold 230 Brown, Larry 231 Brown, Michael 232 Brown, Raymond 233 Brown, Raymond M 234 Brown, Reginald Dwayne (Reggie) 235 Brown, Reginald Van (Reggie) 236 Brown, Robert Lee 237 Brown, Roger 238 Brown, Ronald James 239 Brown, Terry Lynn 240 Brown, Thomas Edward 241 Brown, Troy Fitzgerald 242 Brown, William Dorsey (Bill) 243 Browner, Joey Matthew 244 Browner, Ross 245 Brundige, William Glenn 246 Brunet, Robert P

247 Bryant, Anthony 248 Bryant, Bobby Lee 249 Bryant, Maurice 250 Bryant, Trent 251 Bryant, Warren 252 Bryant, Warren (Jr.) 253 Bryant, Wendell 254 Buchanan, Junious (Buck) Georgia Buchanan 255 Buck, Vince 256 Buckley, Marcus Wayne 257 Buehler, George Siegrist 258 Buenning, Daniel Robert (Dan) 259 Buffone, Douglas 260 Buggs, Daniel 261 Buggs, Wamon 262 Buie, Leslie Drew (Drew) 263 Bujnoch, Glenn David 264 Bukich, Rudy 265 Bull, Ronald 266 Bullard, Courtland B. (Jr.) 267 Bunch, Jarrod Glenn 268 Bunting, John 269 Burch, John (III) 270 Burford, Chris (III) 271 Burk, Marshall Scott (Scott) 272 Burke, Randall William (Randy) 273 Burkett, Walter Jackson 274 Burnham, Lemuel L. (Lem) 275 Burris, Jeffrey 276 Burroughs, Noah 277 Burrow, Kenneth Robert

278 Bussey, Dexter M. 279 Butkus, Richard Marvin (Dick) 280 Butler, Hillary 281 Butler, Michael Anthony 282 Butler, Robert Calvin (Bobby) 283 Butler, William Foster (Skip) 284 Buttle, Greg 285 Butz, David Roy (Dave) 286 Byars, Keith Alan 287 Byers, Kenneth Vernon, Jr. (Ken) 288 Byrd, Isaac (III) 289 Cabral, Brian D. 290 Cadrez, Glenn E 291 Cahill, William Blackburn (Bill) 292 Cain, Lynn Dwight 293 Callicutt, Ken Byron 294 Calloway, Christopher 295 Camarillo, Richard Jon (Rich) 296 Campbell, Earl Christian 297 Campbell, Gary 298 Campbell, Joseph (Jr.) 299 Campbell, Lamar C. 300 Campbell, Woodrow Lamar "Woody" 301 Cannida, James Thomas (II) 302 Cannon, John Raymond 303 Carano, Glenn Thomas 304 Carmazzi, Giovanni 305 Carollo, Joseph Paul 306 Carr, Roger Dale 307 Carreker, Alphonso 308 Carrington, Paul

309 Carroll, Ahmad R. 310 Carson, Harold Donald 311 Carswell, Dwayne 312 Carter, David 313 Carter, Dennis Dale 314 Carter, James Charles 315 Carter, Jonathan 316 Carter, Marty 317 Carter, Michael D. 318 Carter, Pat 319 Carter, Rubin 320 Carter, Wendell Patrick (Pat) 321 Carver, Melvin (Jr.) 322 Carver, Shante Ebony 323 Case, Jeffrey Scott (Scott) 324 Cash, Keith 325 Cash, Richard Francis 326 Caster, Richard C 327 Cavallo, Tom 328 Caver, Quinton Tyrone 329 Chancey, Robert 330 Chandler, Jeffrey Robin (Jeff) 331 Chapman, Clarence 332 Chapman, Lindsey 333 Chatman, Jessie 334 Chavous, Barney Lewis 335 Cheek, Stephen 336 Cheever, Michael John 337 Cherry, Deron Leigh 338 Chesley, Albert 339 Chester, Raymond T.

340 Cheyunski, James M 341 Chilton, Gene Alan 342 Christensen, Todd Jay 343 Christenson, Brandon Wade 344 Christopher, Herbert (Herb) 345 Christy, Jeff A. 346 Cindrich, Ralph Edward 347 Clack, Darryl 348 Clancy, John David (Jack) 349 Clancy, Lackendick (Kendrick) 350 Clark, Al Turner, Renee 351 Clark, Gary 352 Clark, Gregory Klondike 353 Clark, Jamal 354 Clark, Reginald Boice (Reggie) 355 Clark, Vincent Eugene 356 Clark, Wayne Maurice 357 Clarke, Phillip B. (Phil) 358 Clasby, Robert James 359 Clay, John Gregory 360 Clayborn, Raymond 361 Clayton, Harvey 362 Cline, Anthony Francis (Sr.) 363 Clinkscale, Jonathan 364 Coats, Tony 365 Cobb, Marvin Lawrence 366 Cocroft, Sherman 367 Coffman, Paul Randolph 368 Cogdill, Gail Ross 369 Colchico, Daniel M. 370 Cole, Dennis

371 Cole, Larry Rudolph 372 Cole, Robin 373 Coleman, Christopher Tyrone (Chris) 374 Coleman, Fredrick 375 Coleman, Lincoln Cales 376 Coleman, Ronnie L 377 Collins, Anthony A. 378 Collins, Calvin 379 Collins, Glen 380 Collins, Ron 381 Collins, Roosevelt Jr. 382 Concannon, John Joseph (Jr.) (Jack) 383 Conn, Richard Raymond 384 Cook, Fred H. 385 Cook, Toi 386 Cooke, William 387 Cooks, Johnie Earl 388 Coons, Robert Allan (Rob) 389 Cooper, Mark Samuel 390 Cooper, Obadiah 391 Cooper, Richard Warren 392 Cooper, Stephen 393 Copeland, Danny Lamar 394 Copeland, Horace 395 Corbett, James B. (Jim) 396 Cordileone, Lou A. 397 Cordova, Jorge 398 Corey, Walter Martin 399 Corker, John B. 400 Cornelison, Jerry G 401 Cornell, Robert Paul (Bo)

402 Costa, David Joseph Costa, Ruth H. 403 Cotney, John Mark 404 Cotton, James 405 Covert, James Paul (Jimbo) 406 Covington, Tony 407 Cox, Aaron 408 Cox, Arthur Dean 409 Cox, Frederick William 410 Crabb, Claude 411 Crabtree, Eric Leslie 412 Craig, Cornelius (Jr) 413 Craig, Francisco Luis (Paco) 414 Craig, Roger T. 415 Craig, Steve A 416 Crawford, Derrick Lorwenzo 417 Cribbs, Joe Stanier 418 Crockett, Zachary 419 Cronan, Peter Joseph 420 Cronin, Gene Edward (Bud) 421 Croom, Corey Vincent 422 Croom, Larry Lewis 423 Crosby, Cleveland Pittsburgh 424 Cross, Howard E 425 Cross, Justin Allen 426 Cross, Randall Laureat 427 Crossan, David Harry 428 Crump, Harry M. 429 Crumpler, Carlester (Jr) 430 Crusan, Douglas Gordon (Jr) 431 Cryder, Robert J. 432 Culp, Curley

433 Culpepper, John Broward (Brad) 434 Cumby, George Edward 435 Cunningham, Bennie Lee (Jr) 436 Cunningham, Julian Douglas 437 Cunningham, Patrick 438 Cunningham, Richard Karekin 439 Curcio, Michael A. (Mike) 440 Curry, Eric F. 441 Curry, George J. 442 Curtis, Travis Fennell 443 Cuthbert, Randy Alan 444 Daniel, Eugene (Jr) 445 Daniel, William Paul Daniel, William Kent ("Kent") 446 Darby, Matt 447 Darden, Thomas Vincent 448 Darrow, Barry Wayne 449 Davidson, Chy 450 Davidson, Kenneth 451 Davis, Benjamin Frank 452 Davis, Bruce Edward 453 Davis, Bruce Edward, II 454 Davis, Carey Alexander 455 Davis, Charles Mack (Charlie) 456 Davis, Darrell Odell 457 Davis, Ennis R. 458 Davis, Gregory 459 Davis, Jason 460 Davis, John H. 461 Davis, Keith 462 Davis, Keith 463 Davis, Kenneth

464 Davis, Michael Leonar 465 Davis, Michael R. 466 Davis, Michael T ("Tony") 467 Davis, Oliver James 468 Davis, Robert E. 469 Davis, Russell W., III 470 Davis, Thabiti Naeem 471 Dawson, Dermontti 472 Daykin, Anthony Albert 473 Dean, Frederick Gregory (Fred) 474 Dean, Vernon W. 475 Dearth, James 476 Deberg, Steven Leroy (Steve) 477 Deese, Derrick 478 Dejurnett, Charles Ray 479 Delong, Gregory Andrew 480 Demarco, Robert Albert 481 Dennis, Albert Rudolph, III (Al) 482 Dent, Richard Lamar 483 Deossie, Steve 484 Depaso, Thomas James (Tom) 485 Derby, Glenn Evans (Jr.) 486 Deroo, Brian Charles 487 Dess, Darrell 488 Devaughn, Dennis Wayne 489 Devine, Kevin 490 Diaz, Jorge 491 Dickerson, Anthony Charles 492 Dickerson, Eric Demetric 493 Dickey, Curtis Raymond 494 Dieken, Doug

495 Dieterich, Christian Jeffery 496 Diggs, Na'il 497 Dillard, Ivory 498 Dillard, Stacey Bertrand 499 Dimitroff, Thomas George (Tom) Dimitroff, Helen 500 Dingle, Adrian 501 Dingle, Miguel Bryce (Mike) 502 Dinkel, Thomas 503 Dixon, Floyd E 504 Dixon, Floyd Eugene 505 Dixon, Hanford 506 Dixon, Ronald (Ron) 507 Dixon, Ronnie Christopher 508 Dixon, Zachary 509 Dobbins, Herbert 510 Dobler, Conrad 511 Doig, Stephen G. 512 Donohoe, Michael Pierce 513 Dorsey, Eric 514 Doss, Reginald Lee 515 Dotson, Santana N 516 Douglas, Cody 517 Douglas, Rome 518 Dronett, Carlton Shane "Shane" Dronett, Christine 519 Drummond, Edward 520 Dryer, John F. (Fred) 521 Dubenion, Elbert 522 Duckworth, Bobby R. 523 Dufek, Donald P 524 Duhe, Adam Joseph (Jr.) 525 Duhon, Robert Joseph, Jr. (Bobby)

526 Dunek, Kenneth Robert 527 Dunn, Gary Edward 528 Dupard, Jon Reginald 529 Duper, Mark S. 530 Duranko, Peter Nicholas Duranko, Kristine; Duranko, Janet M; Duranko, Nicholas Peter; Duranko, Gregory F.; 531 Dusek, John Bradley 532 Earl, Robin Daniel 533 East, Ronald Allan 534 Easterling, Ray Easterling, Mary Ann 535 Eaton, Thomas Scott 536 Eaton, Tracey Bruce 537 Eber, Richard Lee (Rick) 538 Ebersole, John 539 Edelman, Brad M 540 Edmonds, Bobby Joe 541 Edmunds, Ferrell 542 Edwards, Dan Edwards, Joyce Marie 543 Edwards, Dixon Voldean (III) 544 Edwards, Kelvin Mack 545 Edwards, Larry 546 Edwards, Marc Alexander 547 Edwards, Tyrone 548 Egloff, Ronald 549 Ehin, Charles Kalev 550 Eisenhauer, Lawrence 551 Ekuban, Ebenezer (Jr) 552 Elion, Kolos D. 553 Elliott, John S (Jumbo)

554 Ellis, Allan (Sr.) 555 Ellis, Gerry Lynn 556 Ellis, Kenneth Alfonzo 557 Ellis, Richard 558 Elmendorf, David 559 Elrod, James Whittington (Jimbo) 560 Elshire, Neil James 561 Elway, John Albert 562 Emanuel, Aaron 563 Epps, Phillip 564 Ernster, Paul T 565 Espinoza, Alex A. 566 Esposito, Michael John (Mike) 567 Estes, Lawrence G 568 Evans, Charles (Jr.) Evans, Etopia C. 569 Evans, Donald Lee 570 Evans, Gregory Gerard (Greg) 571 Evans, Jay Dale 572 Evans, William Michael 573 Everett, James S 574 Fabini, Jason 575 Fagan, Julian Walter (III) 576 Fairs, Eric Jerome 577 Falcon, Theodore Lee (Terry) 578 Fanning, Michael Lavern 579 Farmer, Robert 580 Farr, Michael Anthony (Mike) 581 Farren, Paul V 582 Fatafehi, Mario 583 Faulkner, Jeffrey 584 Fauria, Christian

585 Favorite, Marlon 586 Favors, Gregory 587 Feagles, Jeffrey Allan (Jeff) 588 Feehery, Gerald 589 Ferguson, Keith T. 590 Ferragamo, Vince Anthony 591 Fest, Howard 592 Fichtel, Brad 593 Fields, Ascotti 594 Fields, Edgar Eugene 595 Fields, Scott 596 Finn, James 597 Finnie, Roger L. Finnie, Laurie 598 Fisher, Edwin Louis 599 Fitzgerald, John R. 600 Flanagan, Michael Christopher 601 Flanigan, James M (Sr.) 602 Flatley, Paul Richard 603 Fleming, Marvin L 604 Flint, Judson Rochelle 605 Foley, David 606 Foley, Thomas 607 Folkins, Lloyd Leroy 608 Fontenot, Herman J 609 Ford, Bradfor Jamar 610 Ford, Darryl Dewayne 611 Ford, K. Bernard 612 Ford, Lonnie 613 Forney, Philip L 614 Forsberg, Fred Carl 615 Forte, Donald R. (Ike)

616 Foster, Barry 617 Foster, Larry D. 618 Foster, Roy Allen 619 Foster, Sean 620 Foules, Elbert 621 Fourcade, John Charles (Jr.) 622 Fouts, Daniel Francis 623 Fox, Timothy Richard 624 Frank, Donald 625 Franklin, Bobby Ray 626 Franklin, Byron Paul 627 Franklin, Cleveland 628 Franks, Dennis John 629 Frederick, Andrew Brian 630 Frederickson, Ivan Charles 631 Fredrickson, Robert J. 632 Freeman, Phillip Emery (Phil) 633 Fryar, Irving Dale 634 Fugett, Jean Schloss (Jr.) 635 Fulcher, David Dwayne 636 Fuller, Randy Lamar 637 Fuller, Stephen Ray 638 Fuller, William Henry (Jr.) 639 Fuqua, John 640 Furio, Dominic 641 Furrey, Michael Thomas 642 Gabriel, Roman Ildonzo, Jr. 643 Gagner, Lawrence Joseph 644 Gaines, Gregory Scott 645 Galloway, David Lawrence 646 Galvin, John Blake, Jr.

647 Gambol, Christopher Hughes (Chris) 648 Gann, Mike 649 Gannon, Richard Joseph (Rich) 650 Ganther, Quinton 651 Gardner, Barry Allan 652 Gardner, Carwell Ernest 653 Gardner, Talman 654 Garmon, Kelvin 655 Garner, Charlie 656 Garrett, Leonard 657 Gary, Keith Jerrold 658 Gaskins, Percell Mcgahee 659 Gault, Donald J 660 Gayle, Shaun Lanard 661 Geddes, Kenneth 662 Gehrke, John Fred (Jack) 663 Gentry, Dennis Louis 664 Gersbach, Carl Robert 665 Gesek, John Christian (Jr) 666 Giammona, Louis J 667 Giaquinto, Nicholas Albert (Nick) 668 Giblin, Robert James 669 Gibson, Antonio 670 Gibson, David 671 Giesler, Jon 672 Giles, Oscar 673 Gill, Darrell 674 Gillette, Walker 675 Gilmore, John 676 Gipson, Reginald J. 677 Givens, Reginald Alonzo (Reggie)

678 Glasgow, Brian Gene 679 Glasgow, Nesby Lee 680 Glass, Charles 681 Glass, Glenn 682 Glass, William 683 Glass, William Sheppeard 684 Glenn, Terry 685 Glosson, Clyde Pearson 686 Glover, Andrew Lee 687 Goeddeke, George 688 Goff, Robert Lamar (Pig) 689 Gofourth, Derrel 690 Gogolak, Peter Kornel 691 Goldsberry, Jon G. 692 Goodburn, Kelly Joe 693 Goode, Chris 694 Goode, Conrad Lawrence 695 Goode, Donald 696 Goode, Irvin Lee 697 Goode, Thomas Guinn 698 Goodwin, Robert Hunter 699 Gordon, Amon C. 700 Gotshalk, Leonard William 701 Gowdy, Cornell Anthony 702 Grabowski, James S 703 Gradishar, Randolph 704 Graf, Richard 705 Graff, Neil Howard 706 Graham, Derrick 707 Graham, Jeffery Todd 708 Graham, William

709 Grant, Darryl 710 Grant, Reginald Leon (Reggie) 711 Grant, Robert Benard (Bob) 712 Grant, Stephen Mitchell 713 Grant, Wesley Louis (Butch) 714 Grau, Jeffrey Alan 715 Graves, Marsharne 716 Graves, Rory 717 Gray, Brian 718 Gray, Carlton 719 Gray, Earnest 720 Gray, Melvin Dean 721 Gray, Terry 722 Grayson, David Lee (Jr.) 723 Green, Darrell Ray 724 Green, Gaston Alfred (III) 725 Green, Hugh 726 Green, Jacob 727 Green, Roderick 728 Green, Roy 729 Green, Timothy John 730 Green, Victor Bernard 731 Greene, Anthony 732 Greene, Charles (Mean Joe) 733 Greene, George 734 Greenwood, L.C. 735 Greer, Curtis William 736 Gregg, Forrest 737 Gregor, Robert Lee (Bob) 738 Gribe, Oscar 739 Griffin, Jeff

740 Griffin, Raymond 741 Griffith, Robert Otis 742 Griggs, William Edward (III) 743 Grigsby, Boomer 744 Grogan, Steven James (Steve) 745 Gruber, Paul 746 Guidry, Paul 747 Guilbeau, David Ruston 748 Guliford, Eric 749 Gunnels, John (Jr.) 750 Gutierrez, Brock 751 Guyton, Myron Mynard 752 Hackbart, Dale Leonard 753 Haddix, Michael 754 Haddix, Samuel Lawayne 755 Hager, Britt Harley 756 Hagins, Isaac 757 Hagler, Tyjaun 758 Haines, John Yancy 759 Haji-Sheikh, Ali 760 Hale, Christopher (Chris) 761 Haley, Charles Lewis 762 Haley, Jermaine 763 Hall, Damieon Dante 764 Hall, Dana Eric 765 Hall, Delton D. 766 Hall, Robert 767 Hall, Ronald Gene (Haystacks) 768 Hall, Windlan Edsel 769 Hallstrom, Ronald David 770 Halverson, Robert Dean

771 Hamilton, Lynell 772 Hamilton, Malcolm Xavier 773 Hamilton, Ruffin, III 774 Hamilton, Wesley Dean 775 Hammond, Gary Allen 776 Hampton, Jermaine 777 Hampton, Lorenzo 778 Hampton, Rodney 779 Hanburger, Christian 780 Hand, Jon 781 Hannon, Thomas Edward 782 Hanratty, Terrence 783 Harden, Michael 784 Hardison, William 785 Hardman, Cedrick W. 786 Hardy, Bruce Alan 787 Hardy, Robert Emmitt 788 Hardy, Terry R. 789 Hargain, Anthony Michael (Tony) 790 Hargrove, Ed 791 Harmon, Clarence (Jr.) 792 Harper, Roger Michael 793 Harper, Roland 794 Harrah, Dennis Wayne 795 Harraway, Charles Edward (Jr.) 796 Harrell, James C. 797 Harrington, Perry Donell 798 Harris, Alex 799 Harris, Arlen Quincy 800 Harris, Duriel 801 Harris, Elroy

802 Harris, Eric W. Kymara Harris, Personal Representative 803 Harris, Franco 804 Harris, James Bedford (Jimmy) Angela W.Harris 805 Harris, John Edward 806 Harris, Joseph Alexander 807 Harris, Leonard Milton 808 Harris, Leotis 809 Harris, William Andrew (Jr.) 810 Harrison, Dwight 811 Harrison, Lloyd C. 812 Hart, Daryl 813 Hart, Harold Jerome 814 Hart, James Warren (Jim) 815 Hartle, Gregory Alan (Greg) 816 Hartwell, Edgerton (II) 817 Hauss, Leonard 818 Havig, Dennis Eugene 819 Havrilak, Samuel Charles 820 Hawkins, Ross Cooper 821 Hawkins, Wayne A 822 Hawthorne, Gregory 823 Hayes, Frederick R. 824 Hayes, Thomas 825 Headrick, Sherrill Darlon Headrick, Mary Dale 826 Healy, William Raymond (Jr.) (Chip) 827 Hebert, Bobby Joseph, Jr. 828 Heenan, Patrick Dennis (Pat) 829 Heimburger, Craig Andre 830 Heller, Ronald Jeffery 831 Hellestrae, Dale Robert

832 Hemsley, Nathaniel Richard (Nate) 833 Henderson, Jamie Concepcion 834 Henderson, Keith Pernell 835 Hendricks, Theodore Paul 836 Hendricks, Thomas (III) 837 Hendrix, Manuel 838 Henry, Kevin Lerell 839 Herman, David Jon 840 Hermeling, Terry 841 Herock, Kenneth Barry 842 Herrera, Anthony 843 Herrmann, Donald Bruce 844 Herrod, Jeff Sylvester 845 Herron, Bruce Wayne 846 Herter, Tom 847 Hester, Jessie Lee 848 Hickman, Dallas 849 Hicks, Clifford Wendell (Jr) 850 Hicks, Dwight 851 Hicks, John Charles (Jr.) 852 Hicks, Thomas 853 Hicks, Victor Lonell 854 Higgs, Mark 855 Hilgenberg, Walter 856 Hill, David 857 Hill, Gregory Lamonte 858 Hill, J.D. 859 Hill, Kahlil 860 Hill, Kent Angelo 861 Hill, Lonzell Ramon 862 Hill, Lovell

863 Hill, Raion Yance 864 Hilliard, Dalton 865 Hilliard, Randy 866 Hilton, Carl Patrick 867 Himes, Richard 868 Hinkle, Bryan 869 Hinton, Eddie Gerald 870 Hitchcock, Raebern Brooks (Ray) 871 Hitt, Lee E 872 Hoaglin, George Frederick (Jr.) 873 Hoard, Leroy 874 Hobgood-Chittick, Nate 875 Hobson, Victor 876 Hodge, Floyd L. 877 Hollis, Michael Shane 878 Holmes, Joseph 879 Holmes, Reggie 880 Holt, John Holt, Janet Lee 881 Homan, Dennis 882 Hood, Estus (III) 883 Hooker, Fair (Jr) 884 Hooks, Bryan 885 Hooks, Roland 886 Hoover, Melvin 887 Hopkins, Tam 888 Horan, Michael William (Mike) 889 Horn, Donald Glenn 890 Horn, Doug Van 891 Horn, Robert Allen 892 Horne, Keith Van 893 Horner, Samuel Watson, III (Sam)

894 Hornsby, Ronald Joseph 895 Horton, Ethan Shane 896 Horton, Gregory Keith 897 Horton, Jason 898 Hostetler, Jeff W 899 Hough, James Husen 900 House Sr, Kevin Nathaniel 901 House, Kevin (Jr) 902 Houston, Artis 903 Houston, James Edward (Sr) 904 Howard, Bobby Allen 905 Howard, Paul Eugene 906 Howard, Robert 907 Howard, Ronald 908 Howe, Gary William, Jr. (Garry) 909 Huard, Damon 910 Huckleby, Harlan Charles 911 Hudson, Chris 912 Hudson, Robert Dale (Bob) 913 Hudson, Robert Willard (Bob) 914 Huff, Kenneth Wayne 915 Huffman, Darvell Denario 916 Hughes, Allen 917 Hughes, David A (III) 918 Hughes, Tyrone Christopher 919 Humm, David H. 920 Hundon, James Henry, Jr. 921 Hunley, Ricky Cardell 922 Hunt, Daryl Lynn Hunt, Karen And Danielle 923 Hunter, Daniel Lewis

924 Hunter, Patrick Edward 925 Hutchinson, Steven 926 Huth, Gerald Bernard Huth, Diane Mae 927 Hutson, Antonio 928 Hyder, Gaylon Monte 929 Hyland, Robert 930 Imhof, Martin Carl 931 Ingram, Darryl 932 Inman, Jerry 933 Ioane, Burton 934 Iorio, Joseph (Joe) 935 Irons, Gerald Dwayne 936 Irons, Grant Michael 937 Irvin, Darrell Bruce 938 Irvin, Leroy (Jr.) 939 Irvin, Sedrick 940 Irvin, Sedrick M. 941 Isenbarger, John Phillips 942 Ismail, Raghib Ramadian 943 Ivery, Eddie Lee 944 Jackson, Curtis Ray 945 Jackson, Dexter Lamar 946 Jackson, Harold Leon 947 Jackson, Jabari 948 Jackson, Jeffrey Paul (Jeff) 949 Jackson, Keith Jerome 950 Jackson, Marcus Reginald 951 Jackson, Mark Anthony 952 Jackson, Melvin (Jr.) 953 Jackson, Michael Dwayne 954 Jackson, Patrick

55 Jackson, Richard Samuel 956 Jackson, Stephen Franklin (Steve) 957 Jackson, Tyoka 958 Jackson, Vestee (II) 959 Jaco, William C. 960 Jacobs, Ray Anthony 961 Jacquet, Nathaniel Martin 962 James, Lionel 963 James, Lynn Fitzpatrick 964 James, Roland 965 Jamison, George 966 Janata, John Michael 967 Jarrell, Arlie L (Beau) 968 Jarvis, J.Bruce (Bruce) 969 Jarvis, Leon R. 970 Jecha, Ralph Leroy 971 Jefferson, Roy Lee 972 Jenke, Noel Charles 973 Jenkins, Alfred Joseph (Al) 974 Jenkins, Eddie Jay (Ed) 975 Jenkins, Kenneth Walton (Ken) 976 Jenkins, Melvin 977 Jenkins, Robert 978 Jenkins, Ronney Gene 979 Jensen, James Christopher 980 Jensen, James Douglas 981 Jodat, James Steven 982 Johnson, Akili 983 Johnson, Albert (Jr.) 984 Johnson, Anthony Sean 985 Johnson, Billy

986 Johnson, Carl Knud 987 Johnson, Charles L. (Charley) 988 Johnson, Curtis Wise 989 Johnson, Darcy Sabastian 990 Johnson, Dewayne 991 Johnson, Dirk 992 Johnson, Dwight O'Neal 993 Johnson, Eric D. 994 Johnson, Jerry M. Jr. 995 Johnson, John Curley 996 Johnson, Marcus 997 Johnson, Michael Derrick 998 Johnson, Monte Charles 999 Johnson, Norman Douglas (Norm) 1000 Johnson, Richard J 1001 Johnson, Ron 1002 Johnson, Teyo 1003 Johnson, Tim Maurice 1004 Johnson, Troy Dwab 1005 Johnson, Vaughan Monroe 1006 Johnson, William 1007 Johnstone, Lance 1008 Jones, Aaron D. 1009 Jones, Anthony A. 1010 Jones, Brent 1011 Jones, Brian 1012 Jones, Broderick 1013 Jones, Clarence 1014 Jones, Clinton 1015 Jones, Cody 1016 Jones, Daniel T (Dan)

1017 Jones, David (Deacon) 1018 Jones, Donald (Don) 1019 Jones, Garrick 1020 Jones, James R. 1021 Jones, Joe Willie 1022 Jones, June Sheldon, III 1023 Jones, Kirk Cameron (K.C.) 1024 Jones, Leroy 1025 Jones, Michael 1026 Jones, Michael David 1027 Jones, Robert (Bob) 1028 Jones, Robert Washington, III (Robbie) 1029 Jones, Roderick Earl (Rod) 1030 Jones, Roderick Wayne 1031 Jones, Sean 1032 Jones, Steve 1033 Jones, William 1034 Jones, Willie Lorenzo 1035 Jordan, Leander James 1036 Jordan, Lee Roy 1037 Jordan, Omari Jammile 1038 Jordan, Paul Buford 1039 Jordan, Stephen Benard 1040 Jordan, Steven Russell 1041 Judson, William T. 1042 Junior, Ester (III) (E.J.) 1043 Junkin, Abner Kirk (Trey) 1044 Justin, Kerry August 1045 Kadela, David Richard (Jr) 1046 Kadish, Michael S 1047 Kaesviharn, Kevin Robert

1048 Kaiser, Jason A. 1049 Kaiser, John Frederick 1050 Kalis, Todd Alexander 1051 Kaminski, Larry Michael 1052 Kane, Larry James 1053 Kane, Richard James Kane, Diane 1054 Kartz, Keith Leonard 1055 Kearney, Timothy 1056 Keckin, Valdemar Christian 1057 Kellerman, Ernest 1058 Kelley, Ethan Jeffery Arthur 1059 Kelly, James Harry (Jim) 1060 Kelly, James William (Jr) 1061 Kelly, Kareem 1062 Kemp, Perry Commodore 1063 Kennard, Derek 1064 Kennard, Kenneth 1065 Kenney, Stephen 1066 Kern, Rex William 1067 Key, Wade 1068 Keys, Brady 1069 Keys, Tyrone 1070 Khayat, Edward Michael 1071 Khayat, Robert Conrad (Bob) 1072 Kindig, Howard 1073 King, David J 1074 King, Edward E'Dainia 1075 King, Emanuel 1076 King, Horace Edward 1077 King, Kenneth L 1078 King, Stephen G.

1079 Kingrea, Richard Owen 1080 Kingsriter, Douglas James 1081 Kirby, John Patrick 1082 Kirby, Terry Gayle 1083 Kirchbaum, Kelly L. 1084 Kirk, Ernest T 1085 Kirouac, Louis 1086 Klein, Robert Owen 1087 Klopfenstein, Joe 1088 Knight, David 1089 Knight, Sammy (Jr.) 1090 Knight, Thomas L. 1091 Knoff, Kurt 1092 Koch, Gregory Michael 1093 Koch, Peter Alan 1094 Kocourek, David A. Kocourek, Mary (Deceased) 1095 Kohrs, Robert H. 1096 Kompara, John Joseph 1097 Kooistra, Daniel Scott (Scott) 1098 Kortas, Kenneth Conrad 1099 Korte, Steve 1100 Kozak, Scott Allen 1101 Krakau, Mervin Floyd 1102 Krakoski, Joseph Andrew (Jr.) 1103 Krakoski, Joseph Joshua (III) 1104 Kramer, Kent Devlin 1105 Krauss, Richard Barry 1106 Kroll, Robert Lee (Bob) 1107 Kuechenberg, Robert 1108 Kuehn, Arthur Bert 1109 Kunz, George James

1110 Kurek, Ralph 1111 Kurpeikis, Justin William 1112 Kuykendall, Fulton Gerald 1113 Kwalick, Thaddeus John 1114 Kyle, Aaron Douglas 1115 Kyle, Jason C 1116 Laird, Bruce Allan 1117 Lamonica, Daryle Pat 1118 Lamson, Charles W. 1119 Landeta, Sean Edward 1120 Landrum, Michael Geddie (Mike) 1121 Landry, Gregory Paul 1122 Lane, Eric 1123 Lane, Macarthur 1124 Lang, Gene Eric 1125 Lang, Le-Lo L. 1126 Lansford, Michael John 1127 Larose, Marvin Daniel 1128 Larrimore, Kareem Maktral 1129 Larsen, Gary Lee 1130 Larson, Gregory Keith 1131 Larson, Lyndon Arthur (Lynn) 1132 Laskey, William Grant 1133 Laslavic, James Edward 1134 Laster, Anthony Donald (Don) 1135 Latimer, Don Bertstrom 1136 Lavette, Robert Lee 1137 Lawrence, Henry 1138 Lawson, Stephen Wendell 1139 Layne, George 1140 Lebel, Brian Harper

1141 Leblanc, Clarence J. 1142 Leclerc, Roger Alvin 1143 Lee, Carl (III) 1144 Lee, Edward Preston 1145 Lee, Keith 1146 Lee, Robert 1147 Leman, Jeremy 1148 Levens, Dorsey 1149 Levias, Jerry 1150 Lewis, Albert Ray 1151 Lewis, Brandon Michael 1152 Lewis, David 1153 Lewis, Dwight Douglas 1154 Lewis, Frank D. 1155 Lewis, LeoE (III) 1156 Lewis, Mark Joseph Lewis, Patsy A. 1157 Lewis, William Glen 1158 Lindstrom, David Alan 1159 Lingner, Adam James 1160 Lippett, Ronnie 1161 Lipps, Louis 1162 Little, Floyd Douglas 1163 Little, George Willard 1164 Livingston, Andrew 1165 Lloyd, Gregory Lenard 1166 Lockhart, Eugene 1167 Logan, Charles Russell (Chuck) 1168 Logan, Michael V 1169 Logan, Randolph 1170 Lohmeyer, John Carl 1171 Lomas, Mark Arnold

1172 London, Antonio Monte 1173 Long, David Frank 1174 Long, Douglas M Long, Kristie 1175 Lott, Ronald 1176 Louchiey, Corey 1177 Love, Duval L. 1178 Lowery, Dominic Gerald (Nick) 1179 Lucas, Chad Dennard 1180 Lucas, Ray 1181 Lucas, Timothy Brian 1182 Luckhurst, Michael Christopher Wilbert 1183 Lueck, William M 1184 Luke, Steven N 1185 Luken, Thomas James 1186 Lumpkin, Sean Franklin 1187 Lurtsema, Robert Ross 1188 Lush, Michael Stephen (Mike) 1189 Lynch, Benjamin John (Ben) 1190 Lynch, Lorenzo 1191 Lynch, Lorenzo 1192 Lynch, Thomas Frank 1193 Mack, Thomas Lee 1194 Mack, William Richard (Red) 1195 Mallory, John 1196 Mallory, Larry Montel 1197 Malone, Ben (Benny) 1198 Malone, Van 1199 Mamula, Michael Brian 1200 Mandley, Henry Dejhown 1201 Mandley, William (Pete)

1202 Mangini, Antonio 1203 Manley, Dexter 1204 Manning, Wade Ronald Arthur 1205 Manor, Brison 1206 Manuel, Marquand Alexander 1207 Marchetti, Gino 1208 Marinaro, Edward Francis 1209 Marino, Daniel Constantine, Jr. (Dan) 1210 Marsh, Curtiss 1211 Marshall, Anthony 1212 Marshall, Leonard A 1213 Marshall, Marvin Ali 1214 Martin, Donald Joe (Don) 1215 Martin, Edward 1216 Martin, Emanuel (Manny) 1217 Martin, Eric W. 1218 Martin, Robbie L 1219 Martin, Roderick D 1220 Marts, Lonnie 1221 Massey, Robert Lee 1222 Matan, William Douglas 1223 Mathis, Kevin 1224 Mathis, Wendell 1225 Matson, Patrick William (Lon) 1226 Matte, Thomas Roland 1227 Mattes, Ronald Anthony 1228 Matthews, Alvin Leon 1229 Matthews, Eric 1230 Matthews, Ira Richard, III 1231 Mauck, Carl Frey 1232 Maurer, Andrew Lee

1233 Maxwell, Vernon 1234 May, Deems 1235 May, Reginald 1236 Mayberry, Tony 1237 Mayes, Alonzo 1238 Mayfield, Arthur Corey (Corey) 1239 Mays, Corey 1240 Mays, Damon E., Jr. 1241 Mazurek, Frederick Henry (Fred) 1242 Mazzetti, Timothy Alan 1243 Mcarthur, Kevin Lee 1244 Mcbath, Mike 1245 Mcbride, Richard Adrian 1246 Mcburrows, Gerald Lance 1247 Mccaffrey, Michael James 1248 Mccallum, Napoleon Ardel 1249 Mccants, Mark 1250 Mccauley, Donald Frederick 1251 Mcclain, Dewey L. 1252 Mcclanahan, Brent 1253 Mcclanahan, Randall Duane 1254 Mcclendon, Kenneth (Skip) 1255 Mcclover, Darrell A 1256 Mccollum, Andrew Jon 1257 Mccombs, Antonias Orlando (Tony) 1258 Mccoy, Michael Charles (MC) 1259 Mccoy, Michael Patrick 1260 Mccray, Bobby 1261 Mccrumbly, John 1262 Mcdaniel, John 1263 Mcdole, Roland Owen (Ron)

1264 Mcdonald, Devon Linton 1265 Mcdonald, Michael (Jr.) 1266 Mcdonald, Ramos 1267 Mcdonald, Thomas 1268 Mcdougle, Stockar 1269 Mcelhenny, Hugh 1270 Mcelroy, Leeland Anthony 1271 Mcelroy, Ray 1272 Mcelroy, Raymond Edward 1273 Mcelroy, Reginald Lee 1274 Mcgee, Buford Lamar 1275 Mcgill, Michael Ray 1276 Mcgriff, Curtis 1277 Mchale, Thomas Mchale, Lisa J. 1278 Mcintyre, Jeffrey Glenn (Jeff) 1279 Mckenzie, Michael Terrance (Mike) 1280 Mckibben, Michael Wayne (Mike) 1281 Mckie, Jason 1282 Mckinney, Odis 1283 Mckinney, Seth Alan 1284 McKinnie, Silas A. 1285 Mcknight, Theodore Robert 1286 Mclain, Kevin Wayne 1287 Mcleod, Kevin Aston 1288 Mcmahon, James Robert 1289 Mcnair, Todd Darren 1290 Mcneal, Donald 1291 Mcneill, Frederick Mcneill, TiaB. 1292 Mcnorton, Bruce 1293 Mcquarters, Robert William 1294 Mcswain, Rodney

1295 Meade, Michael Lee (Mike) 1296 Mecklenburg, Karl Bernard 1297 Medlin, Daniel Ellis 1298 Mehl, Lance Alan 1299 Melander, Jon James 1300 Mercer, Michael 1301 Mercier, Richard 1302 Mestnik, Frank Gerald 1303 Metcalf, Terrance Randolph 1304 Metcalf, Terrence Orlando 1305 Miano, Richard James 1306 Micho, Robert Anthony (Bobby) 1307 Mikolajewski, Peter James 1308 Miller, Bronzell Lajames 1309 Miller, Carl 1310 Miller, Charles E. (Chuckie) 1311 Miller, Cleophus (Jr.) 1312 Miller, Daniel Scott (Dan) 1313 Miller, Matthew Peter (Matt) 1314 Milligan, Hanik 1315 Minor, Claudie 1316 Minor, Travis De john 1317 Minor, Victor Wayne (Vic) 1318 Mitchel, Eric 1319 Mitchell, Brian 1320 Mitchell, Derrell 1321 Mitchell, Freddie Lee, II 1322 Mitchell, Keith 1323 Mitchell, Lydell Douglas 1324 Mitchell, Lyvonia (Stump) 1325 Mitchell, Mel (III)

1326 Mitchell, Peter Clark 1327 Moats, Ryan Rockmond 1328 Mobley, Singor A. 1329 Mohr, Christopher G. 1330 Monk, James Arthur (Art) 1331 Montgomery, James Michael (Mike) 1332 Montgomery, Joe, Jr. 1333 Montgomery, Marvin 1334 Montgomery, Michael 1335 Moore, Alvin 1336 Moore, Arthur Clark 1337 Moore, Derland Paul 1338 Moore, E. Blake 1339 Moore, Ezekiel (Jr.) 1340 Moore, Jeffery D 1341 Moore, Reginald 1342 Moore, Robert Anthony 1343 Moore, Robert Rory "Bob" 1344 Moorehead, Emery Matthew 1345 Moorman, Maurice 1346 Moreland, Earthwind C. 1347 Moreno, Moses Nathaniel 1348 Morey, Sean Joseph 1349 Morgan, Stanley D. 1350 Morin, Milton Denis Morin, Ellen Alyssa Morin, Dylan Mcpartlan, Ellen Mcpartlan, Patrick 1351 Morris, Byron (Bam) 1352 Morris, Eugene ("Mercury") 1353 Morris, Evan Rodney "Rod"

1354 Morrissey, James M. 1355 Morton, Larry Craig (Craig) 1356 Mowatt, Zeke 1357 Mullaney, Mark Alan 1358 Mulligan, Wayne Eugene 1359 Mullins, Gerald 1360 Munsey, Nelson Emory Munsey, Morgan M 1361 Murphy, Mark Steven 1362 Murray, Edward Peter (Eddie) 1363 Murray, Leon Calvin (Cal) 1364 Murry, Donald Franklin 1365 Myers, Franklin D. (Frank) 1366 Myles, Deshone J. 1367 Myrtle, Charles Joseph 1368 Nagurski, Anthony K ("Bronko") 1369 Nall, Craig Matthew 1370 Nande, Terna 1371 Nathan, Tony Curtis 1372 Neal, Thomas Daniel (Dan) 1373 Neely, Ralph Eugene 1374 Neff, Robert Milam (Bob) 1375 Nehemiah, Renaldo C. 1376 Neidert, John Thomas 1377 Nelms, Michael 1378 Nelson, Curtis Shane 1379 Nelson, Darrin Milo 1380 Nelson, Karl Sturat 1381 Nelson, Robert Lee 1382 Nelson, Steve 1383 Nelson, Terry Louis 1384 Neufeld, Ryan Matthew

1385 Newberry, Tom G 1386 Newell, Michael Alan (Mike) 1387 Newland, Robert Vaughn (Bob) 1388 Newson, Kendall Montrae 1389 Newton, Cameron Lamark (Cam) 1390 Newton, Robert Lee 1391 Nicholson, James Burton 1392 Nighswander, Nicholas 1393 Niland, John Hugh 1394 Nix, Kent 1395 Nixon, Jeffry Allen (Jeff) 1396 Noonan, Karl 1397 Nord, Keith 1398 Norgard, Erik 1399 Norton, Donald Norton, Luanne S 1400 Norton, Jerry 1401 Nottingham, Don 1402 Novoselsky, Brent 1403 Nystrom, Lee Allen 1404 Oats, Carleton 1405 Obradovich, James Robert 1406 Obrien, David 1407 O'Brien, James Eugene (Jim) 1408 Octavien, Steven (Steve) 1409 Odom, Clifton Louis 1410 Odoms, Riley 1411 Odonoghue, Cornelius 1412 Odwyer, Matthew Phillip 1413 Ohalete, Ifeanyi 1414 Oldham, Chris 1415 Oliver, Winslow Paul

1416 Olkewicz, Neal 1417 Olsen, Phillip Vernor 1418 Olson, Harold Vincent 1419 O'Malley, James John (Jim) 1420 O'Neal, Orenthal (Oren) 1421 Oneal, Steve 1422 O'Neil, Keith Daniel 1423 Osborn, David Vance 1424 Osborne, James Henry 1425 Otis, James Lloyd 1426 Outlaw, John L. 1427 Overton, Jerry Lee 1428 Owens, Charles Wayne (Tinker) 1429 Owens, Joseph T (Joe) 1430 Owens, Loren (Steve) 1431 Owens, Marvin Duane (Marv) 1432 Owens, Mel Tyrae 1433 Owens, Morris 1434 Page, Solomon 1435 Pagel, Mike John 1436 Pagliei, Joseph Anthony (Joe) 1437 Palmer, Gery Dean 1438 Palmer, Richard Harry (Dick) 1439 Palmer, Richard Mitechell (Mitch) 1440 Pane, Christopher Albert (Chris) 1441 Pankey, Irvin Lee 1442 Papale, Vincent Francis (Vince) 1443 Parham, Gus 1444 Parker, Andrew James 1445 Parker, Ervin J. 1446 Parrish, Bernard Paul

1447 Pass, Patrick Deandrea 1448 Patulski, Walter George 1449 Payton, Edward 1450 Pear, Dave L. 1451 Pearson, Barry L 1452 Pearson, Jaycie 1453 Pearson, Preston James 1454 Peat, Marion Todd 1455 Peete, Rodney 1456 Pellegrini, Robert Pellegrini, Antoinette 1457 Penn, Christopher 1458 Perez, Mike 1459 Pergine, John Samuel 1460 Perkins, Antonio D. 1461 Perretta, Ralph Joseph 1462 Perry, Scott 1463 Perry, Vernon 1464 Peter, Christian 1465 Peter, Jason Michael 1466 Petersen, Kurt David 1467 Petersen, Theodore Hans (Ted) 1468 Peterson, Adrian 1469 Peterson, Calvin 1470 Pharms, Charles 1471 Philbin, Gerald John 1472 Philcox, Todd Stuart 1473 Phillips, Anthony Dwayne 1474 Philyaw, Delvic Dyvon (Dino) 1475 Phipps, Michael 1476 Piccone, Louis James 1477 Pickens, Robert James (Bob)

1478 Pierce, Stephen Nathan 1479 Pieri, Mark Damon (Damon) 1480 Pietrzak, James Michael 1481 Pinney, Raymond Earl (Ray) 1482 Pinnock, Andrew 1483 Pisarkiewicz, Stephen John (Steve) 1484 Pitts, John 1485 Pitts, Ronald Dwayne 1486 Pivec, David John (Dave) 1487 Plummer, Gary Lee 1488 Podolak, Edward Joseph 1489 Ponder, Dave 1490 Poole, Keith 1491 Pope, Frank Buckley, III (Bucky) 1492 Porter, Ronald 1493 Pottios, Myron 1494 Potts, Roosevelt 1495 Powers, Warren Anthony 1496 Pozderac, Phil 1497 Prebola, Eugene Nicholas (Gene) 1498 Preece, Steven P. 1499 President, Andre Nathaniel 1500 Prestel, James Francis 1501 Preston, Richard (Dave) 1502 Price, Shawn 1503 Pridemore, Larry Thomas (Jr.) 1504 Prior, Anthony Eugene 1505 Prior, Michael Robert 1506 Pritchard, Ronald 1507 Profit, Joseph (Joe) 1508 Pruitt, James

1509 Pugh, Jethro 1510 Rademacher, William 1511 Radloff, Wayne R 1512 Rafferty, Thomas Michael 1513 Ramsey, Derrick Kent 1514 Randle, John 1515 Randolph, Thomas C. 1516 Rasmussen, Randall Lee 1517 Ratliff, Donald Eugene 1518 Ray, Darrol 1519 Ray, David Eugene 1520 Ray, Terry 1521 Razzano, Rick 1522 Reagor, Willie Montae 1523 Reardon, Kerry Edward 1524 Reasons, Gary Phillip 1525 Reaves, John 1526 Reaves, Kenneth Milton 1527 Reavis, David Craig (Dave) 1528 Redden, Barry Dwayne 1529 Redman, Richard 1530 Redmon, K. Anthony 1531 Redmond, Rudolph Cruzette (Rudy) 1532 Reece, Beasley 1533 Reece, Daniel L. 1534 Reed, Andre Darnell 1535 Reed, Douglas 1536 Reed, Frank 1537 Reed, James (Jr.) 1538 Reed, James Curtis 1539 Reed, Oscar Lee

1540 Reed, Willis (Jake) 1541 Reeves, Ken 1542 Reichenbach, Jon 1543 Reilly, Kevin Patrick 1544 Reilly, Michael Dennis 1545 Rembert, John Lee (Johnny) 1546 Renfro, Leonard Andrew 1547 Renfro, Melvin 1548 Renfro, Michael Roy 1549 Rentzel, Thomas Lance 1550 Ressler, Glenn Emanuel 1551 Rewald, Ronald R 1552 Reynolds, Derrick S. (Ricky) 1553 Rhem, Steve Lamar 1554 Ricardo, Benito (Benny) 1555 Rich, Randall Wayne (Randy) 1556 Richard, Kristopher 1557 Richardson, Gloster 1558 Richardson, Michael Calvin 1559 Richardson, Michael Wayne (Mike) 1560 Richardson, Willie Louis (Wonderful Willie) 1561 Richter, Hugh Vernon 1562 Ridgle, Elston Albert 1563 Riggins, Robert John (The Diesel, Riggo) 1564 Righetti, Joseph William (Joe) 1565 Riley, Leon F. (Lee) 1566 Riley, Victor Allan 1567 Ritcher, James Alexander (Jim) 1568 Ritchie, Jon D

1569 Rivera, Marco Anthony 1570 Rivers, Marcellus 1571 Roach, John G 1572 Roaf, William 1573 Robbins, Barret 1574 Robbins, James E. 1575 Robbins, Randy 1576 Roberson, Christopher Robert (Chris) 1577 Roberson, James Earl 1578 Roberts, Cornelius R. (C.R.) 1579 Roberts, Walter (The Flea) 1580 Roberts, William Harold (Bill) 1581 Robertson, Bernard H. (Jr) 1582 Robertson, Bernard H., Jr. 1583 Robertson, Isaiah 1584 Robertson, Rob 1585 Robinson, Derreck 1586 Robinson, Edward Joseph (Eddie) 1587 Robinson, Jerry Dewayne 1588 Robinson, Johnny Nolan 1589 Robinson, Mark Leon 1590 Robinson, Matthew Gillette 1591 Robinson, Melvin D. 1592 Robinson, Shelton Derrick 1593 Roby, Wayne 1594 Rodenhauser, Mark Todd 1595 Rodgers, Derrick Andre 1596 Rogers, George Washington 1597 Rogers, Kendrick D. 1598 Rogers, Reginald O'Keith (Reggie) 1599 Roman, John George

1600 Roque, Juan Armando 1601 Ross, Adrian 1602 Ross, Derek 1603 Ross, Oliver 1604 Rourke, James Peter 1605 Rowser, John 1606 Ruddy, Timothy Daniel 1607 Rudnay, John C. 1608 Rudolph, Ben 1609 Rudolph, Council 1610 Ruff, Orlando 1611 Rush, Jerry 1612 Rushing, Marion Glen 1613 Russell, Charles Andrew 1614 Rutherford, Reynard 1615 Ruud, Thomas Robert 1616 Ryan, Frank 1617 Ryckman, William Thomas (Billy) 1618 Rypien, Mark Robert 1619 Salaam-El, Kamal 1620 Saldi, John J. 1621 Saleaumua, Raymond Daniel 1622 Salem, Harvey M. 1623 Salonen, Brian Scott 1624 Sampson, Greg 1625 Sampson, Ralph 1626 Sanders, Clarence 1627 Sanders, Eric 1628 Sanders, Glenell 1629 Sanders, Lonnie 1630 Sanders, Ricky Wayne

1631 Sanders, Thomas 1632 Sandusky, Michael 1633 Sandy, Justin Michael 1634 Sanford, Lucius M 1635 Sanford, RichardF. 1636 Santiago, O J 1637 Sapp, Theron 1638 Sauer, Craig 1639 Saul, Rich Saul, Eileen Marie 1640 Savage, Josh 1641 Saxton, Paul Brian (Brian) 1642 Scales, Gregory Denard (Greg) 1643 Scarbath, John Carl (Jack) 1644 Schafrath, Richard 1645 Schmidt, Terry Richard 1646 Schneck, Michael Louis 1647 Schobel, Aaron 1648 Schobel, Matthew Thomas 1649 Schobel, Robert Edward (Bo) 1650 Scholtz, Robert Joseph 1651 Schreiber, Adam Blayne 1652 Schreiber, Lawrence Anthony (Larry) 1653 Schubert, Steven William 1654 Schuening, Roy 1655 Schultz, William 1656 Schumacher, Gregg Harold 1657 Scioli, Brad 1658 Scott, Clarence 1659 Scott, Dave 1660 Scott, Kevin Tommorse 1661 Scott, Lewis Simon (Lew)

1662 Scott, Todd Carlton 1663 Seals, George Edward 1664 Seals, Leon 1665 Seals, Raymond 1666 Sears, Corey Alexander 1667 Selby, Robert Seth 1668 Selfridge, Andrew 1669 Sell, John 1670 Seward, Adam Hartford 1671 Sewell, Donald 1672 Shannon, Carver Beairegard 1673 Sharpe, Luis Ernesto 1674 Sharper, Darren Mallory 1675 Shaw, Dennis Wendell 1676 Shaw, Terrance 1677 Shaw, William Lewis (Billy) 1678 Shay, Jerome 1679 Shearer, Curtis 1680 Shell, Donnie 1681 Shelley, Jason 1682 Shelling, Christopher A (Chris) 1683 Sheppard, Ashley Guy 1684 Sherk, Jerry 1685 Shields, William Dean (Billy) 1686 Shiner, Richard Earl 1687 Shiver, Sanders Thomas 1688 Short, Jason Michael 1689 Shy, Les 1690 Siemon, Jeffrey Glenn 1691 Siglar, Ricky Allan 1692 Silvestri, Donald Gerard (Don)

1693 Simmons, Antuan 1694 Simmons, Ed 1695 Simons, Keith Michael 1696 Simpson, Keith Edward 1697 Sims, David Bernard 1698 Sisemore, Jerald Grant 1699 Skaugstad, Daryle Eugene 1700 Skladany, Thomas E. 1701 Skorupan, John Paul 1702 Slater, Mark William 1703 Small, Jessie Lee 1704 Small, Torrance Ramon 1705 Smerek, Don 1706 Smerlas, Frederick C 1707 Smith, Antowain D. 1708 Smith, Barrett Benjamin (Barry) 1709 Smith, Bobby Lee 1710 Smith, Charles 1711 Smith, Darrell Trent (Trent) 1712 Smith, David Lewis (Dave) 1713 Smith, David William 1714 Smith, Dennis 1715 Smith, Derek G. 1716 Smith, Edward Martin 1717 Smith, Edwin Alexander (Ed) 1718 Smith, Fernando 1719 Smith, Irvin Martin (Irv) 1720 Smith, James Ray 1721 Smith, Jeffery 1722 Smith, Jemone 1723 Smith, Jesse Daley

1724 Smith, John Henry 1725 Smith, John T. 1726 Smith, Kabisa Akili Maradufu (Akili) 1727 Smith, Kevin Rey 1728 Smith, Lance 1729 Smith, Lawrence Anthony (Jr.) 1730 Smith, Leonard Phillip 1731 Smith, Lucious Irvin 1732 Smith, Marvin 1733 Smith, Neil O 1734 Smith, Noland, Jr. (Super Gnat) 1735 Smith, Omar Dave 1736 Smith, Philip Keith (Phil) 1737 Smith, Reginald Lernard (Reggie) 1738 Smith, Ronnie Bernard 1739 Smith, Sammie Lee 1740 Smith, Steven Anthony Smith, Chie 1741 Smith, Thomas Lee 1742 Sorey, Revie Cee 1743 Sparks, Phillippi Dwaine 1744 Spencer, James M 1745 Spencer, Thurman Maurice (Mo) 1746 Spikes, Cameron Wade 1747 Squirek, Jack Steve 1748 Stabler, Kenneth 1749 Stachowski, Richard Charles 1750 Staggers, Jonathan 1751 Stai, Brenden Michael 1752 Stalls, David 1753 Stallworth, Timothy James (Tim) 1754 Stanfill, William Thomas

1755 Steed, Joel Edward 1756 Stein, Robert Allen 1757 Stenerud, Jan 1758 Stensrud, Michael Iver 1759 Stephens, Richard Scott (Rich) 1760 Stephenson, Dwight Eugene 1761 Stewart, James P. (Jimmy) 1762 Stewart, Ryan 1763 Still, Arthur Barry 1764 Stinson, Lemuel Dale 1765 Stith, Walter 1766 Stockemer, Ralph William 1767 Stokes, Timothy 1768 Stone, Dwight 1769 Story, William Frank (Bill) 1770 Stoutmire, Omar 1771 Stover, Stewart Lynn (Smokey) 1772 Stowe, Otto William 1773 Strachan, Michael 1774 Strong, Mack Carlington 1775 Stubbs, Daniel 1776 Studdard, David Derald 1777 Sullivan, Brian 1778 Sullivan, Marques D. 1779 Sully, Ivory Ulysses 1780 Sunde, Milton John 1781 Sutherland, Douglas A 1782 Sutton, Eric Dontay 1783 Swain, John Wesley 1784 Sweeney, Calvin Eugene 1785 Sweeney, James Joseph (Jim)

1786 Sweet, Joseph Lamar (Joe) 1787 Swilley, Dennis Neal 1788 Sword, Sam Lee-Arthur 1789 Sylvester, Steve 1790 Taliaferro, Myron Eugene 1791 Talley, Darryl Victor 1792 Tamburello, Ben Allen 1793 Tarver, John Willaim 1794 Tatum, John D. Tatum, Denise (Deceased) 1795 Taylor, Alphonso 1796 Taylor, Bruce 1797 Taylor, Eugene Yarman (Gene) 1798 Taylor, James C 1799 Taylor, Lawrence 1800 Taylor, Robert E. 1801 Taylor, Robert, III 1802 Taylor, William T. 1803 Teal, Willie 1804 Tennell, Derek 1805 Terrell, Patrick Christopher 1806 Terry, Corey Tewana 1807 Tharpe, Larry 1808 Thomas, Adalius Donquail 1809 Thomas, Douglas Sandy (Doug) 1810 Thomas, Duane Julius 1811 Thomas, Fred 1812 Thomas, James (Jr.) (J.T.) 1813 Thomas, Joseph Elleweyn (Joey) 1814 Thomas, Mark A. 1815 Thomas, Patrick Shane 1816 Thomas, William Harrison

1817 Thompson, Alexander Woodrow (Woody) 1818 Thompson, Chaun 1819 Thompson, David Wayne 1820 Thompson, Norman Jack 1821 Thompson, Stephen 1822 Thompson, William Allen 1823 Thoms, Arthur William 1824 Thornton, Sidney 1825 Thurlow, Stephen 1826 Tilleman, Michael John 1827 Tillman, Lewis D. 1828 Timmerman, Adam Larry 1829 Tingelhoff, Henry Michael (Mick) 1830 Tolver, Gregory D. Jr. (J.R.) 1831 Tomczak, Michael John (Mike) 1832 Tongue, Reginald Clinton 1833 Toomay, Patrick 1834 Torrey, Brandonf 1835 Towle, Stephen D. 1836 Townsend, Andre 1837 Toy, Maury 1838 Trammel, Allen Raymond 1839 Trapp, James Harold 1840 Trapp, Richard Earl 1841 Trautwein, Phil 1842 Trejo, Stephen Nicolas 1843 Truax, William Frederick 1844 Tuatagaloa, Gerardus Mauritius Natuitasina 1845 Tucker, Robert

1846 Tucker, Torrin 1847 Tucker, Verran Mitchell 1848 Tucker, Wendell Edward 1849 Tuggle, Jessie Lloyd 1850 Tuipala, Joseph Lafaele (Joe) 1851 Turley, Kyle John 1852 Turner, Godfrey W 1853 Turner, Greg 1854 Turner, Herschel 1855 Turner, John 1856 Turner, Odessa 1857 Tyler, Maurice 1858 Tyler, Wendell A. 1859 Tyrrell, Timothy G 1860 Ulmer, Charles Artie 1861 Underwood, Marviel Daniel 1862 Upchurch, Rickie 1863 Upperco, Daniel 1864 Van Buren, Courtney 1865 Van Druten, Richard 1866 Van Galder, Thomas Scott (Tim) 1867 Van Note, Jeffrey Aloysius (Jeff) 1868 Van Wagner, James 1869 Vanderbeek, Matthew James 1870 Vanheusen, William 1871 Vardell, Thomas Arthur (Touchdown Tommy) 1872 Vargo, Lawrence F 1873 Vaughn, Thomas Robert 1874 Veal, Demetrin 1875 Veasey, Anthony

1876 Venzke, Patrick 1877 Verdin, Clarence 1878 Verser, David 1879 Vigorito, Thomas J (Tommy) 1880 Villapiano, Philip James 1881 Visger, George Anthony 1882 Vogler, Timothy Gene 1883 Voigt, Stuart Alan 1884 Volek, John William 1885 Volk, Richard Robert 1886 Wagner, James P. Van 1887 Wagoner, Daniel Wright (Danny) 1888 Walczak, Mark Charles 1889 Walik, William S. (Billy) 1890 Walker, Adam 1891 Walker, Bruce 1892 Walker, Charles 1893 Walker, Jackie A 1894 Walker, Jeffrey Lynn (Jeff) 1895 Walker, Richard 1896 Walker, Val Joe Walker, Sally 1897 Walker, Wayne 1898 Wallace, Aaron 1899 Wallace, Anthony 1900 Wallace, Rian T. 1901 Wallerstedt, Brett Robert 1902 Walls, Charles Wesley 1903 Walls, Everson Collins 1904 Walsh, William Ward (Ward) 1905 Walter, Andrew Scott 1906 Walter, Kenneth G.

1907 Walton, Larry James 1908 Ward, John Henry Ward, Gayle 1909 Ware, Derek G. 1910 Warfield, Paul D 1911 Warner, Curtis E 1912 Warren, Christopher Collins 1913 Warren, Lamont Allen 1914 Warwick, Lonnie Preston 1915 Washington, Chris 1916 Washington, David V 1917 Washington, Eugene 1918 Washington, Mark (II) 1919 Washington, Mickey Lin 1920 Waters, Andre Ricks, Tina (Deceased) 1921 Waters, Charles T. 1922 Watkins, Lawrence 1923 Watkins, Robert Archibald, Jr. (Bobby) 1924 Watson, Justin Sean 1925 Wattelet, Frank 1926 Watters, Richard J ("Ricky") 1927 Weatherly, James E 1928 Weathers, Robert 1929 Weatherspoon, Cephus 1930 Webb, Richmond Jewel 1931 Webster, Michael Lewis (Mike) 1932 Wedderburn, Floyd E. 1933 Wehrli, Roger Russel 1934 Welsh, Jonathan Lavonne 1935 Werner, Clyde 1936 Wersching, Raimund 1937 Wesley, Joseph (Joe)

1938 Westbrook, Bryant 1939 Wetnight, Ryan Scott 1940 Wheeler, Theodore I., III (Ted) 1941 Whitaker, Danta Antonio 1942 White, Adrian Darnell 1943 White, David Maurice 1944 White, Edward Alvin (Ed) 1945 White, Lorenzo Maurice 1946 White, Russell 1947 White, Sherman 1948 Whitfield, A.D., Jr. 1949 Whittington, Arthur Lee 1950 Whittington, Bernard Maurice 1951 Whittington, Michael Scott (Mike) 1952 Widby, George Ronald (Ron) 1953 Widell, David Harold (Jr.) 1954 Widell, Douglas Joseph 1955 Wiggin, Paul David 1956 Wiggins, Paul Anthony 1957 Wiggins, Paul Anthony 1958 Wilcox, David 1959 Wiley, Michael Deshawn 1960 Wiley, Samuel B. (Jr.) (Chuck) 1961 Wilkins, James David (David) 1962 Wilkinson, Daniel (Big Daddy) 1963 Williams, Bennie Bernard (Bernard) 1964 Williams, Brian Scott 1965 Williams, Byron Keith 1966 Williams, Calvin J. 1967 Williams, Charlie 1968 Williams, Clarence

1969 Williams, Darryl 1970 Williams, Delvin 1971 Williams, Dudley 1972 Williams, Eric 1973 Williams, Erik G. 1974 Williams, James E. 1975 Williams, Jay Omar 1976 Williams, Joel 1977 Williams, John Alan 1978 Williams, John L. 1979 Williams, John Mckay 1980 Williams, Karl Daneil 1981 Williams, Kendall E 1982 Williams, Lester J. 1983 Williams, Marcus 1984 Williams, Newton Dennis 1985 Williams, Oliver Lavell, Jr. 1986 Williams, Patrick 1987 Williams, Randal Ellison 1988 Williams, Rodney Colin 1989 Williams, Roydell 1990 Williams, Thomas R 1991 Williams, Walter 1992 Williamson, Carlton 1993 Williamson, Frederick 1994 Williamson, Lee 1995 Wilson, Donald Allen (Don) 1996 Wilson, Edward Adair (Eddie) 1997 Wilson, Gillis R. III 1998 Wilson, Joseph (Joe) 1999 Wilson, Reinard

2000 Wilson, Robert Eugene 2001 Wilson, Sir Mawn 2002 Wilson, Steve Alan 2003 Winans, Jeffrey D. 2004 Winder, Sammy 2005 Winston, Roy 2006 Winters, Frank Mitchell 2007 Wisniewski, Leo Joseph 2008 Wisniewski, Stephen Adam 2009 Wojciechowski, John Stanley 2010 Wolf, Joseph Francis 2011 Wood, Richard 2012 Woodard, Kenneth Emil 2013 Woods, Jerry Lee 2014 Woods, Larry Dobie 2015 Woods, Robert Christopher 2016 Woods, Robert Earl 2017 Woolsey, Roland Bert 2018 Word, Roscoe 2019 Wortman, Keith Delane 2020 Wright, Anthony Lavron 2021 Wright, Destry 2022 Wright, Elmo 2023 Wright, Eric 2024 Wright, James Willie 2025 Wright, Jason Gamillion 2026 Wright, Louis D. 2027 Wright, Nathaniel 2028 Wright, Stephen 2029 Wright, Steve 2030 Wright, Terry Leon

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